How is olanzapine like?

Thinking asking to get switched to olanzapine from haldol because im tired from constant stress induced paranoia attacks. Could yoi give pros and cons of olanzapine?

I don’t know.
It didn’t work for me.

Pros: no oculogyric crisis, not much sexual side effects
Cons: sleep and eat a lot

Sorta like quetiapine IMO.

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Good for sleep and positive symptoms but I got terrible dystonia from it.

i have 25 mg of olanzapine at the moment and the only side effects I’ve had are sleepiness, hunger and some nightmares from time to time, similar to quetiapine like arcsaber said.

I wouldn’t recommend it. I was on it for 15 years at 40mg. Antipsychotics target dopamine as a means to alleviate psychosis, some AP’s target 2 or 3 more receptors. Olanzapine interacts with 17 receptors, more than any other AP, and it is totally unnecessary… Probably why I had such a hard time quitting, my brain had to recover from all those receptors readjusting to normal after being affected by olanzapine.

I was hungry all the time, I gained a ton of weight, at my heaviest I was 240lbs. It gave me diabetes. My blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides were all sky high. I was in bad physical shape. I slept 12 hours a day and had no motivation or energy to do anything. It took me 4 years to slowly reduce my dosage and wean myself off it, and I had all kinds of weird withdrawal side effects. When I did get down to a low dose and then quit I had brutal insomnia that still hasn’t gone away. I cannot sleep at all, not for 1 minute now, without some sort of sleeping pill. There are others on this forum that have sleep problems when reducing or quitting olanzapine. The problem is the doctors and medical establishment doesn’t recognize it yet so it’s impossible to get help. I am now on 1.5mg of clonazepam, 200mg l-theanine and 10 grams of Glycine just to sleep.

If you want to read horror stories about olanzapine search for “Olanzapine withdrawal insomnia” on google and read all the different websites and forums where people discuss their experiences. There is a Facebook group for people that can’t sleep without it anymore.

This sleeping problem doesn’t effect everyone but it does effect a lot of people. I would not recommend olanzapine. You can roll the dice and try it but there are many other options. I am now on Lurasidone and it is by far a better AP…

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Do you have many psychotic symptoms on that dose?

Olanzapine never worked for my psychosis. It was like a sugar pill, did nothing for my psychosis and only shot up my blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure.

I have been on a small dose (5 mg) for a very long time. It worked well. It might be that a higher dose causes weight gain and all the negative side effects. I don’t know if it’s dose dependent.

Olanzipine made me and most people gain a ton of weight because it makes you hungry as a horse for high calorie food. I don’t recommend it.

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It worked great on symptoms, but at the expense of being a total zombie and putting on 35 kilos - which even 6 years later my metabolism is still â– â– â– â– 

I was on 20mg for two years continuously.

Had been given the shot against my will a few times in hospital, but I don’t remember how that made me feel as I was out of my mind

a little, like being slightly paranoid and hearing stuff from time to time but it doesn’t affect my daily life currently :slight_smile: