How is everyone's day going?

Hi peeps

I’m doing good. Just relaxing now. Will rest a bit soon. Looking forward to sia’s new single it’s called together. Coming out today.
Will do one more module of my counselling sheets and that’s it really.

How’s everyone doing?? :smiley:


I just had breakfast, now I am vaping in bed like most of the time.


my day went excellent.
its night here now will sleep in an hour.

hi butterfly how r u doing
have a good day


Im fine, thanks, did some chores, the sun is shining, its 32 degrees in my conservatory and a lot of flowers blooming. Tomorrow i have to work properly for the first time since the covid outbreak.


cool it went excellent. mine was good too actually it is afternoon here.
im just waiting to hear sia’s new song I will post it when it comes out :star_struck:

I am just browsing the forum and enjoying the beautiful weather here in England.

thanks Steffifan, hope you sleep well


yes thanks.

just took my meds so i will sleep well


oh that’s awesome, I was not aware properly that you had a job. may I ask what kind of job it is?

sounds nice where you are :slight_smile:

I like your avatar name btw, sounds familiar hehe :butterfly:


i have negative symptoms.
my brain feels like its blown into many pieces all the time.
does anyone share that feeling?
bcoz of that i cant become calm and collected so i have trouble thinking normally and my brain cant create a constructive thought.
sucks to be like this.
i m not depressed or anything but i am unproductive.
day comes and day goes theres no progress in my life.

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no my brain feels intact. can’t relate.

but I do relate to needing quite a solid amount of time doing ‘nothing’


good that ur brain feels intact.

do u have +ve or -ve symptoms and r u a guy or a gal?


I don’t know what it is per se, but I just don’t have much motivation to be busy all day, I need a good amount of ‘nothing’ time. I think that may be negative symptoms or like just side effects from the medication. I am a gal. and you are a guy I suppose.

hope your head feels better some time soon enough, it doesn’t sound pleasant at all…


Ha, yes me too, excellent name, @anon90843118 … In summer i stay in my allotment.
I work in a church as a verger, helping with the masses, funerals, weddings, but its a partime, supported job. I cant work full time anymore.

When you become less scared for the future, you should definitely try to sell your drawings. They are awesome.

Here in copenhagen people decorate their living space with stupid abstract mass produced paintings. Your drawings are so much better.


thanks for the good wishes.

no my brain doesnt sound pleasant at all.
i have been like this for close to 30 yrs now.
killed my life n career.
i m a guy.

by +ve symptoms i mean hearing voices, hallucinations that kind of stuff. i never had them.
in my case its always been like my brain being lethargic, having trouble thinking, forming a coherent constructive thought, more to do with how a normal brain functions.

sucks like hell.

no gf, no wife, no job.
but i still completed my graduation years ago and made it to america for a job as well.


that’s nice, they always taste the best those foods!
thanks so much for the compliment I really appreciate it, your artwork is great I think it is very raw. :smiley:, I love seeing people’s artwork on here.

I am happy for you that you work part time it is good to keep as busy as we are able to…i want to work too in the future…


yea that does not sound nice. sorry to hear that. what meds are you on??

if you never had positive symptoms then why are you sz?


i am on clozapine and halperidol.

i am sz bcoz i have -ve symptoms


I went to my father’s grave today and took one flower there. I have been now 18 years in my little town since I arrived from the USA. I have been keeping my journal and also I have written down how many people whom I have known have died. Today I learned that two people have died whom I have known. It is so sad and now on my list there are 53 people who have died since 2002. This makes me feel quite sad. Well I live and ride my bicycle regularly. It was a partly sunny day today.


I did not realise that antipsychotics help negative symptoms


i too dont know much about it but thats what my pdoc has prescribed me for the last 7 years


I’m having a great day and a pretty good week! Saw my pdoc and we adjusted meds in a way that I think will really help. Super busy with my art. Life is good!