How is everyone?

Been a while since I have been on here, my hair has almost gone from half my head and now I have been given a dual diagnosis of schizophrenia and bpd, I hope everyone else is having a little better of a time than myself atm but regardless of illness I remain optimistic, I have anemia also now because delusions about food and eating have caused really low iron and b12 in my body… This will be one of the first “reaching out” actions I have done in almost a year, so please be gentle with me, nice to see everyone still here :slight_smile:

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mhmm sounds like you have a tough life, no doubt you can manage and welcome to the forum. I know we will be good for each other so stay online.

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I don’t speak for everyone on this forum, but I feel bad lately. Feel sort of schizo. Bored, slightly depressed, don’t really enjoy anything. My medication tortures me. Sorry if this is shocking, but that is how I feel.


Omg thank god hahaha, I too feel frustrated and bored, like I have learnt my lessons from my periods of psychosis and now I’m more powerful and just sat in a house with the ability to walk in and out of hell as I please and I worry for my thoughts, I would never hurt anyone or anything but sometimes I find I have images that are not errrrrrr OK shall I say, and having bpd means I hate or love people instantly with no in between so if my demon (my inner head voice) and my dual person (manages hallucinations to ensure they are relavant and terrify me) get together I’m scared all I will see is seriously disturbing stuff, I feel powerful, like a caged tiger gone mad from being mad too long if u get me hahaha its sounds bizarre but I spose that’s what this place is for, sometimes hearing it your like wow, that’s ■■■■■■ up, but if u had never said or typed it, the thoughts have so much more power inside the mind is what I’m trying to say lol

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And my house alarm keeps going of at exactly the same time every morning, my house burglar alarm that is so it’s just reinforcing the terror that something is with me, something new, my illness is extremely spiritual as I imagine most psychosis is by nature


Can anyone be specific also on what we can talk about as I don’t want to get into trouble or upset anyone or anything, thanks, its been outlined but I honestly can’t remember much in a normal sense sometimes

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