How is everyone doing with

Med changes, family changes, life moving on in general?

For me it really has been some days are better then others.

Meds are stable and not changing, though I’m trying to cut back on the xanax tiny by tiny… yes, under the attention of the doc.

I’m down to two cigarettes a day and cutting back the coffee

I’m trying hard not to let certain family push my buttons. I’m bracing for a stress storm. LIfe is going to move on, but there are some things that are already getting hard for me to face.

How is everyone else doing?


I’m doing well atm. We got our selves an adult dog yesterday. It’s great because I have to get outside for a walk a couple of times every day. We were walking for one hour before lunch today. Now he is sleeping. Exercise is good for depression and weight loss. :slight_smile:

I’ve had no med changes since february. That was when my pdoc increased Abilify to 20 mg and put me on Fluoxetine 20 mg. Fluoxetine stopped my depression before I hit the bottom. I feel great now. Still have voices but that might be something I have to live with for a while. No paranoia. No racing thoughts.


I’m doing well today, Happy Mother’s Day! Golf for me this afternoon!


What breed of dog? big or small?

Glad the doc adjusted the meds so you could keep going.

I still have my voices too… everyday, no matter what. But I feel like as I get stronger, I can ignore them better.

It’s a crossbreed. Is that the right word? German shephard and bordercollie. It’s a large dog. Looks much like a german shephard but with shorter fur and bordercollie ears. :slight_smile:


Well done on what you’re accomplishing! I’m going through a lot of changes!

I’ve accepted my place at art college (which is like the final years of high school as I have no qualifications at that level) and I’m changing my degree path so I can do modules I want to do rather than purely psychology. I’ve done psychology in a row for three years (part time but one module after the other without holidays) and I’ve just had enough I don’t find it enjoyable anymore so I changing to get a good degree! I’m actually quite relieved what’s going through my head is the module I’m going to sign up for is an arts course and as much as arts is my core love I’m scared I won’t be able to know how to write the essays but I’m going to research over the summer and practice etc! I also find the prospect of going to real life college nerve wracking (my degree is online)!

As much as this relieves me etc I’m actually finding myself lose my boundaries a little which is not good, I’m being described as verging on mania (not that I’m extremely happy its just my thoughts are all over the places and I’m acting loud and ‘high’) and I’m feeling a little out of control I must admit, I’m trying so hard to keep up with everything that’s happening.

I don’t cope with change well, it makes me feel beyond myself I need time to settle into and accept change! Like you it’s up and down I wake up relieved one day and the next I’m off my head panicking!

Well done on doing what you are doing, keep it up :blush:!

Go steady.


That’s the boat I’m in. There are some inevitable changes coming up that I’m sort of having a hard time with and because of it, I’m ending up with more “out of body” experiences. I’ve been popping out of my body a lot lately. I know it’s Depersonalization disorder, and my doc and I have talked about it.

Having that title… that word to nail it down to makes it a little easer when I snap out of it.

But I hate that feeling of just drifting out of my body and feeling more disconnected from myself. I’ve also been feeling my old hyper self trying to surface too. I don’t want to be that hyper again. When I’m hyper, my boundaries fade too. Then I’m upsetting people.

The thing that is triggering this can’t be stopped. My kid sis is going to be 18 very soon. My little kid won’t be a kid anymore. LIfe is going to speed up and I am afraid that I won’t be able to keep up. So I have been popping out of my body more and staying out longer.

reading back on this… It’s most likely time to talk to the J-preservation team about this.

@Dante13 I think that you can tell this is happening is a huge step. Realizing this is going on is half the battle of stopping it. I think your doing really well.

Im doing quite well. Like my post in the recovery section I just posted, I have made a 180 degree turn around. I was psychotic and dependent on whiskey this time last year, now I have recovered from both of those problems and my life has flourished in every way (but I don’t have a romantic relationship, I want one, I have had lots of casual relationships, thats my problem right now).

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Since son was committed to the hospital last Wednesday, hubs and I have felt whipped emotionally and physically. The stress and anguish were so great for so many weeks leading up to this and particularly last week, it just takes its toll.

We have been trying to recuperate, getting more sleep and less stress, and finally today we both are feeling more like ourselves. I may have the strength necessary in the next day or two to go down to his room and start the cleanup and rebuilding process needed. When I do finally go into his room after his episodes, it just makes me realize how sick he really is, and is so heavy on my heart.

Son has been calling several times a day wanting to come home. They still have not given him the injection yet, even though I spoke with his social worker Friday morning to make sure all this is taken care of and on track so he won’t just be languishing through the weekend. She told me she was texting the hospital doctor as we spoke and everything was lined up. Well, here it is Sunday morning and still no shot. I have been calling the nurses 2-3 times Friday afternoon and all day yesterday and all they can tell me is that it’s ordered and they are waiting on the pharmacy. We were disappointed he was placed in this particular hospital, he’s been there twice before and it seems to be the worst in the Atlanta area. This is just another example of inefficiency. So frustrating.

I’m so sorry he hasn’t been helped out yet. To bad there isn’t a way to get him transported to a different hospital.

Good luck with the cleaning and rebuilding. I bet it’s hard. When I see some of my past journals and drawings and pages of dots, I really cringe. I don’t want to know that old me guy. But there he is. I can only imagine how my Mom felt when she had to face the old me. Yuck.

My Mom said that one time she just hired a cleaning service. If they came across a journal, put it in a box, everything else? She didn’t want to know.

omg, that sounds sooo familiar. I can’t tell you how many times my husband will trudge up from the basement and start to fill me in and my usual response is “spare me the details please”. I really don’t want to know. I find out enough on my own :weary:

Personally I hope you call in a good cleaning service and take the day off to hang out with your husband and walk the dogs. Any journals or papers get put in a box and taped shut for a year.

If that is an option, I’m rooting for you.

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Right now my fear is relapsing back into that telepathic hell hole. Ive had a nice break for about a week now but i just got so adjusted to it. I fear loosing control of it again. Have to keep telling myself its not real and that it is just how my mind operates. Hopefully in a few weeks ill be more confident that it wont come back. for now its just respiridal twice daily. I like taking it twice a day its like reloading on ammunition. A nice reminder that im still fighting this. I think things are getting better thuogh. The voices still drive me crazy as i lay there in bed each night. There is just no off switch.


Hi Bryan, that is good to hear you are doing well this week. Hopefully things will continue that way. And I do think your point about having confidence is key, it can definitely have an impact, so keep the positive thoughts going!

Have you recently started taking respiridal?

James your idea about the cleaning service is very appealing, I think I will do that :smile:

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Yeah depersonalisation is what it’s termed as, and putting the experience down to it does help as it’s very odd, but if you’re outside your body you don’t have to cope with the internal responsibilities and emotions that come with being inside.

I think talking to the J-preservation team about this would be wise, as it is something that can’t be stopped then they can put in strategies, coping techniques and have general ideas on what to do that can help you get through this. Maybe have a talk about it with your sis too? Do you think that could help? About how you fear things may change? Maybe you can both work out a strategy together? If not then just talk to your team and I’m sure they’ll have ideas!

What I find helpful when I feel it coming on is I clap, shake my head (hard), shout, walk towards a focus point like the kitchen clock and then towards the door handle until it wears off focusing on different focus points each time, repeating a ‘safe mantra’ mine is ‘you’re completely safe, just face it, look up and around’ that seems to work although getting me to look u and around in public doesn’t really happen. I know you can’t d this up in public necessarily but deep or controlled breathing, I also use smelling salts (it’s rank but it brings you out of it!) or other strong smells. I’m sure your team will have other ideas.

Thank you for saying I’m doing well, I can’t g anywhere just keep putting one foot infront of the other, you’re doing good that you’ve caught what’s happening now, just need to talk to your team, maybe your sis and figure out the best way forward, I have faith in you, you will get through this!

Go steady,


Everyday has a certain sameness too it. I sleep late, watch tv, go to a sz chatroom a little. I’m trying to be more productive, like reading or painting.
Stil suffer from social phobia, poverty of speech, lack of motivation so all that’s pretty depressing.
I quit smoking on e-cigs so that’s the good news.

I’m okay, for the most part. nighttime is still kinda hard for me. I try to sleep on time so I’m not up ruminating. My folks are trying to get me back working and studying but I’m dragging my feet with it all. The pace everyone moves at seems so fast. I find it overwhelming to try and go back at it. But I am trying, if only a little.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s btw.


much much better i have been offered CBT which is a miracle on the NHS. i went for an assessment and saw someone and i think she could tell i was really trying with the not drinking taking drugs (which affects therapy) so pretty hopeful about that. my dog is just recovering from being neatered so its all about him right now.


cupcake with depression sprinkles in one hand , coffee in the other, life seems pretty good at the moment…
take care

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