How I went from -5000 to 10,000 (Very bad to excellent)


It is hard to recover, it challenges you, makes you cry, makes you question if you are meant to be here and if you are going to make it. Ask for help people, ask for help from doctors, family, friends, and God.

I was at about -5000 (Doing horrible), back in 2013. Now nearing the end of 2018, I have been more than a year substance abuse free/clean, I drink some alcohol on the weekends but it’s just for fun and not as self-medication. I also gave up looking at “Promiscuous material” and hopefully I can say the word porn on this forum; it destroys relationships and the way your brain works. Point is, after thoroughly cleansing my body, mind, and soul, I feel 10,000x better than I have ever felt before, period. It takes time to do it, but here’s what I recommend:

Write daily in a journal; anything you want
Talk to a family member or friend daily
Do not use cannabis
Do not use cocaine
Do not watch sexually explicit material and try to stay away from it online as much as you can
Get closer to your families; they are the only family you have
Try to forgive and forget grudges you have with people in the past (Forget, but never forget what it taught you)
Ask for help. I need help still. We all do. The moment you say “I don’t need help anymore” - that is a bad moment.
Your lives are your own and what you do with them is up to you all. I suffered for half a decade going through what I call purgatory and I made it out alive. Focus on life, REFLECT on it, pros, neutral, and cons, write things down. You will get better. I know so. Because I got better.

Hope this helps, have a great week!


Sorry i cant quit porn…!!!


Don’t be sorry. I watched for 19 years… 19 YEARS!!! Something finally clicked as to why I wasn’t able to get comfortable in relationships with women. You CAN do it. Just ask for help. Go online and look up recovery pages.


Thanks man…!!! I think so…!!!


I did porn from 20 to 21 and then just stopped it. I have noticed how my mind changed because of that. So I could make it out early. I tried twice in those ten years after I quit to watch, but it remind me instantly how harmful it is. So I have no trouble with porn, I just do not like it. Therefore I had trouble with gaming in my early 20s. I spend all my money on gaming it was fun till I played Battlefield 3, then I got thoughts how much of a waste it is. Nowadays I play way lesser and not everyday. But it is not like porn what I immediately neglect.

I am also no longer willing to smoke cannabis, if I drink alcohol then it is just beer and not every day most of the time weeks without it. After one or two beers I have enough, alcohol with the meds do not work well. I just drink on rare things like birthdays or christmas, and sometimes when my father does a barbecue. I hate harder alcohol like whiskey or vodka.

Good that you feel and make better.


I’m trying to quit porn as well! I find it too stimulating and always have an uptick in positives and negatives for a few days after I watch it. How did you manage to break free? Any tips for someone just starting out?


Pray and ask for help in defeating the addiction. Unsubscribe from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Playboy, get off of instagram, take a break from social media. It’s legitimately all brainwashing material to make it harder for us men to approach attractive women. Give it time. Not looking at porn rewires the brain back to where it should be because back in 1700 or so, there was no porn, and people weren’t having these issues. Good luck, ask for help from whom you trust.


I’m just trying to quit smoking cigarettes right now. I’m having alot of trouble. The biggest problem is that my mom will still have cigarettes laying around. Makes it so my cravings are very easy to get the better of me even if i don’t buy any packs :frowning:


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