How I used to think about sz

I remembered how I used to think of people with sz on the way home today.

It saddened me to realize how ignorant I was. It saddens me to realize how ignorant many people are. What saddens me the most is a small piece of me still wishes to go back to my self absorbed ignorance.

Being functional is not the same as having a clear head and I long so badly to be free of feeling like I’m walking through a dream with blinders on. I think what I miss the most is carefree conversation or not being pulled in different directions with every small decision.

I wouldn’t say that I’m feeling bad at the moment, but I would say that this very vivid memory has jolted me out of my comfort zone. Thought I’d share.


I remember knowing a sz a little as a child. I only thought it was obvious that he had a constant headache.

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This is no joke…I never had a way i used to think about SZ. first heard about it in my early teens because Black Sabbath mentioned it in a couple of their songs. Since my best friend and i thought about deep things such as Sabbath and Ozzy sang about we figured we were SZ, and we sort of thought it was cool because Ozzy was cool.
(This is long before Th Osborne show btw, or Ozzys drunken antics…LOL)

So basically I was introduced to SZ by music and viewed it from that perspective. Basically that we were not crazy but just misunderstood for emotional and spiritual problems.

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