How I stopped hearing voices

To stop hearing voices I wrote down my own thoughts. When you do this take a pencil and paper (or pen) and write down the thoughts you find, on your own, in your mind. I’m an auditory learner so the thoughts were auditory. All of this should redirect your thoughts so they align repaired in your brain. Peace and love. :).


How I’m stop hearing voices is medication, and focusing my mind on something else, homework, music, video games etc…


I wish it were that easy. Glad it worked for you though.


I think you’re oversimplifying the issue of voices and the different internal makeup of every BODY. There is no catch-all solution, unfortunately. At least…not that has been discovered.

Glad you found something that worked for you!

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Glad it worked for you.
My voices used to tell me they had revolutionary information to tell me.
One time I typed up like 50 pages worth of stuff. As fast as I could type they would tell me stuff.

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Makes sense to me. My psych nurse advised me to read out loud when I am hearing voices, it does help, not 100%, but it makes a difference.

I write down my voices since last month.
I have gathered material over 7 pdfs

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I want to stop hearing voices, then I would be calm and more positive, I don’t get them they are always out to get me.

To make it work, don’t write down your voices, but write down your thoughts. Also, use a pen and paper to do this.

That makes sense, you might reinforce your thoughts and make them louder and the static side line might go away? I like to study or watch the tube and all the stuff goes into the background and can be ignored better. I so love it when my conscious mind is out front.

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