How i personally got slimmer (even though im on meds)

So basically since around October of last year i had multiple people tell me daily that i had looked thinner.
this was actually true becuz i had changed my diet and noticed that clothes that never fit me before fit absolutely fine now.

it all started from when i decided to have salad for meals. nothing like a boring tuna salad though. I got creative and put ready-made salad chicken or different types of ham in it. I usually then put a lot of dressing on it so it wouldnt feel like im eating grass. if i felt like i still wasnt full, i would just eat more salad with a lot of dressing and meat again or switch to something like fish.

it doesnt sound like the most healthiest thing in the world…but the thing is eating this did so much more for me than eating a burrito or a cheeseburger just to fill my appetite. It tasted great and i felt better eating something that i knew was considered a healthy meal.

the trick for me was not to wait until i was starving. every time i was a little bit hungry, i was more willing to go for vegetables. and when i started implementing this, even when i was outside i naturally started to think “oh, i dont think i wanna go for mcdonalds today. i’ll go for subway instead.” for me personally it was all about changing the mentality as i started doing little things to brush my health up, which allowed me to look out for myself more.

i started rewarding myself as much as i could since making healthy choices and sticking to developing better habits. i went out and bought new clothes when i had the money to up my wardrobe as a reward. i also went to my favorite cafe just to enjoy coffee and a book and sometimes buy i would video games too if its there was one that i really wanted to play. stuff like that kept me motivated.

I dont recommend stepping on the scale to believe if ur making progress ( unless u have a specific goal and thats ur style.) i also dont suggest going straight to exercise as a way to lose weight. i felt better when ppl tell me i look nicer, rather than knowing that i dropped a specific amount of pounds or kg.
i became naturally more motivated to put some workouts into my schedule after i started changing what i ate. this worked better for my mental health too.

Everyone’s got their own way of improving. this was just what i did, and its still working for me. the biggest reward that its given me is better self body image and self esteem. :wink:

i might have a health checkup next semester, so i guess i’ll post my comparison stats with my old figure next time i know specific numbers, just for reference.

prior to this i was a little overweight and felt very tired after exercising for short periods of time. I dont have either problems anymore thanks to what i’ve been doing. but this was just more of a personal story.

if u have a good plan right now or still searching for one that suits you, keep it up! you’ll achieve success if u stick to it!
hope u may have found some of my tips helpful though.

thanks for reading :relaxed:



I’m trying to lose weight by cutting fast food, pop and sugar from my diet.

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Cool! u can tots do it! (^^)

I recommend eating those things sometimes while on your diet and then start to cut them out little by little. That way u dont feel like ur doing a lot of work by completely cutting out things u usually like to eat. i think slow good habit developing techiniques are most efficient!!

Rooting for ya buddy!!(^-^)/

Good on you for losing weight on meds. It can be a nightmare that normals won’t understand.

I’m losing weight by cutting out all carbs and doing a ketogenic diet. It’s curbing my appetite, whereas intitially the Abilify made me constantly hungry and craving sugar. I like the ketogenic diet because I can eat whole eggs, chicken with the skin left on, avocado and cheese and such.

I’m also working out with kettlebells, which is toning me up.


I lost 76 pounds in 52 weeks (1 year) while taking 400 mg of Seroquel per day.

First 2 days I only drank water
I went to Walmart and bought bags of frozen fish (salmon, flounder and tilapia) and vegetables (broccoli and spinach).
I avoided sugar (no sucrose and fructose (no fruit)).
I joined a dance class

You can lose weight while taking Seroquel.

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yea it can be a nightmare fo real. but when youve got a diet thats motivating you to continue building great eating habits then thats great! Sounds like ur diet has some creativity in the mix of the choices. Thats awesome, cuz then you’ll be less likely to get bored with what youre eating. i kinda switch it up too. i think its actually kinda more fun to plan out and customize different meals than ppl think lol

working out to get toned and lose weight is great! i used to use weights a lot but im focusing more on my abdomen area now cuz thats where i wanna improve, although its important to think of all parts of ur body when planning exercise and while exercising, which is what i try to do lol

thanks for sharing, PlateOfBiscuits (awesome username by the way^^)
good luck to ya!

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This is my frame of mind when it comes to dieting or just plain basic everyday diet.

Heavy calorie diets of starches, large meat portions, and fats are for those who are much more active than myself.

My past jobs included intense physical labor. I could eat what ever I wanted then. Now I eat about the same way you do. I get all of my calories from what I term as lifestyle appropriate foods.

I can not say the change was difficult. I can say it did take time to hunt down enough recipes for small portion and lower calorie meat dishes, salads, sandwich ideas.

I found the most success after I started and made my own personal cook book. It is exspansive now and I do not feel at all restricted like when I first started.

I often look at my cookbook before making a grocery list. There is no way I could remember them all. This cookbook has gone far to make me not feel I am missing the higher calorie foods I am always surrounded by.

I do now realize most people have problems with diet because it is the high calorie items and meals that are so frequently pushed in their face.

So much so, that it seems they cant realize there are lower calorie more lifestyle appropriate meals for people who are only moderately active.


Thanks @anon30470407.

I’m focussing on my ab area too as the weight gain from the meds seems to go right to the stomach. I’ve got a few good home workout programmes and they do give you results if you stick to them. I’m just psyching myself up to do a kettlebell workout at the moment.

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