How I lost weight once

I lost weight once by eating a diet of only potatoes. I had them every meal with katchup.

I was 17 yrs old on a cargo ship in the Netherlands with my dad. He thought it would be a nice thing to do and it was fun. We went from island to island delivering the mail. My dad bought me a very warm wool sweater. I hated the food, the chef was bad in my opinion, and I ate nothing but scalloped potatoes for every meal. At the end of the trip I had lost my stomach! I’m going to buy a sack of potatoes this morning because food prices are unreasonable. I hope I know how to cook them. I want to keep my grocery list simple.

Potatos are great with a lot of things but usually good with a little protein. If worried it seems a palm sized bit of protein is good and some simple vege/salad is probably a lot better diet wise…

I think your not doing yourself well just eating potatos. It’s not a diet. It’s overloading your body with one food and there’s not enough variety. Eat well but things like rice and pasta with some protien is probably a bit more healthy for you…and get those vitamins from other fruit and veges!

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You might try some macaroni and cheese. It’s got protein, and it is very tasty.