How I feel about Ulotaront

In my overview having studied some of the science behind Ulotaront to the best that I can I am starting to believe it will work similar to the effects of cacao (the love drug) and in combination with an MAOI type thing like Parnate etc so if you have ever had a pleasent feeling from cacao and an MAOi like Parnate combination this might be the feeling of it. That’s just my thinking I might be wrong.

It’s a psychiatric drug. There won’t be a good feeling or high off it. It’ll just hopefully stop some symptoms with little to no side effects. I think your overthinking what will be a clinical medication.

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Im just hoping it wont cause negative and cognitive symptoms like the current antipsychotics.
Btw i read it will come out in usa in 2024 and in japan in 2026

I don’t think so I think it will be really powerful for social anhedonia maybe not blunt affect or avolition but I think there will be a mechanism specifically for schiz that it taps into and gives a high