How I drink my coffee


Haha… you need glucose, not caffeine.

Oh geez…this is how I used to take my adderal for a while…not joking.

I hope i’m not giving anyone any ideas though I could have easily lost my left arm doing this…

I drink way too much coffee. About 3 pots a day. Someone here I think mentioned caffeine pills? I find drinking coffee relaxing, not like some find coffee makes them be too jittery. Not me. I can go to sleep after drinking a pot of coffee but I also use trazadone so that really helps my sleeping.


I’m the one who mentioned caffeine pills. I just decided taking pills would be simpler and easier. Most caffeine pills come in 200 mg. There’s a fairly new brand out that costs $3.50 for ninety pills. I take two a day. The most caffeine a person is supposed to consume in a day is 400 mg.

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I drink 3-4 of those nescafe sachets a day augmented by the occasional cafetiere coffee. I wouldn’t call myself an addict but I guess the proof of the pudding is If I was to quit completely.
I can take cafetiere coffee quite strong but coffee granules from a jar have always tended to make me feel nauseous if i use a full tsp.

Personally I wake up and drink one small cup before school, sometimes I get a large cup when I get home.

Holy Crow thats a lot of coffee! lol :laughing:

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lolz I have three cups a day :blush:

I love coffee. It’s not about the caffeine for me, though I won’t drink decaffeinated nor instant.

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Burger King bought Tim Hortons coffee franchise today. :laughing:

77Nicks favorite fast food chain has officially become Canadian. :maple_leaf:

Its really good with the right kind of creamer

I can drink 4-5 cups of them, but My Dr. said no more than one cup per day because I will hear voice louder. Too much coffee can cause it more.

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Yep, so they could relocate to Canada and avoid paying their share of taxes. I like some of their food, the Whopper is good, but I’ll never eat there again.


Only a draft dodger and a tax dodger would move to Canada. :laughing:

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I thought because of Walgreen’s not moving because of public protest would keep Burger King from moving to Canada but I guess it’s already done.

Yeah. Why would Walgreens move to Switzerland?

Just to get out of paying taxes.