How I could have died (schizophrenia related)

A story that may interest you, of how I survived in a moment hwere I could have either died or been brutally beat while passed out at the age of 15.

Hi, everyone. please excuse me for my grammar and punctuation but this is going to be a really long story that I think everyone should read including parents so you can protect and watch over your own and one another.

When I was 15 years old, I started of at a new high school in a new town in a place I’d never been, i studied at this school for a about 8 months getting to know everyone at the school but I was always that kind of scumbag/ratbag child that would say things that would really up people but never really realized what I was saying was offending people. When I joined this school I made mates with quite a few people some of which were into video games which I had moved into just a few years before so we hit it off quite well, and I feel like I knew them quite well. One day at school a bunch of the “cooler” kids invited me and my mates out to a creek in the middle of no where to get pissed and drunk and the sorts and it was an alright night, nothing really happened except me another drunk kid got in a bit of a fight but it was nothing major. A couple months had went past and I had really started to get along with a lot of people at the school and I thought I was getting along with some of these other kids that I had met at the creek that night so they invited me again, we all went there and I felt a really strange vibe like everyone was standing around sus but the night went on and I got extremely drunk and half passed out next to this chick while having a chat. This is where the story gets intense and should be a warning to all and I’m really lucky to have lived through this moment. I remember getting hit on the head, and I woke up like what the F#ck I said and I remember hearing someone yelling yeah thats what you get you ■■■■! I was so drunk I couldn’t even move and than I vividly remember all the kids grouping up behind me saying we should pick him up and drop him into the creek no-one will know will just say he drowned and everyone will pass it on like its nothing man a lot of ■■■■■ want this ■■■■ gone lets ■■■■■■■ do it, than they started talking about ways to take me out while all being incredibly drunk (keep in mind I’m half passed out the whole world is spinning and I can’t get up and i’m only a few steps away from the creek). Than this chick started yelling at them saying you can’t do that it’s ■■■■■■■ wrong guys come on and they started arguing with her for what felt like went on for well over 30 minutes until she just said ■■■■ It do whatever you want i’m not apart of it. In this moment I had heard everything while half passed out and knowing that something was going to happen to me in a brief moment of being drunk and only 15 years old I had realized a few things in that moment A. I was probably going to die. and B. I couldn’t do anything to get out of the situation. This is when the group of about 10 people walked up behind me and said you wanna fight? And I snapped. This is where I feel like someone from another world spoke to me. I heard a voice rush through my head and said say everything I say out loud to these people and you’ll be alright. I’m not ■■■■■■■ kidding… so here we go these ■■■■■ are right up about to murder me because they didn’t like me all along and had lured me to the creek. (you’ll find out a lot more people knew about this moment than you’d think). Than after this voice rushed through my head I passed out for a few seconds until I felt someone kick me in the head. I woke up WHAT THE ■■■■ I said, really loud and the kids responded what the ■■■■ did you just say mate and I than responded in a low tone voice (while hearing voices) Nothing mate im just ■■■■■■ aye! And I heard them put out a laugh like what the ■■■■ this ■■■■ saying. next thing you know I’m passed out again I wake up to a boot in the head and they say you want to die tonight mate? we’re going to kill you get up and fight us or we’ll put you in the creek and no-one will know. (voice passed through my head to say the following). Mate I’m just ■■■■■■■ australian aye i’m ■■■■■■■ passed out mate gimmie a break ■■■■■ what the ■■■■ aye. yet again they cracked up laughing is this ■■■■ for real they said? You’ll see in a moment this went on for a while. I’m not going to say all the ■■■■ that was said in this conversation but it went on for a little while and than there was a moment when they were like alright guys we have to do this now we’ve had our fun. And I snapped woke up and a voice passed through my head and said scream ■■■■ really loud. So I started screaming ■■■■ really loud for about 10 seconds before they kicked me in the head again and told me to shut the ■■■■ up or we’ll get caught. Keep in mind everyone this is a creek in the middle of no where the nearest house is over 1km away. Within about 2 minutes some random man in his 40s pulled up at the creek and said what the ■■■■ is going on here. And than started laughing because he thought I was just passed out and they were ■■■■■■■ around he started asking me questions like you alright mate? I’m like yeah i’m really drunk I can’t move. The conversation flew for a while a bit I forgot about the conversation but in this moment the man turned around and said alright guys to the kids whats going on here this doesn’t seem right. And they just openly said to him we’re going to bash him but he can’t get up lets put him in the creek. The man turned around and shouted you guys are ■■■■■■ I’m a witness. And they all started to get in a argument with one another (keep in mind i’m still half passed out on the ground). The man eventually said you know what ■■■■ this If you guys do that you’ll all go to jail I’m going to go call the cops right now. This is when the kids freaked out and said we’ve gotta do it now or never. They picked me up and started to drag me to the creek. before someone yelled out oi guys we can’t do this aye this is really ■■■■■■ up and wrong we’ll go to jail there’s a witness! Than they left me for a while on the ground like nothing had happened and about 10 minutes later a cop had driven up to this place ages away and came and saw me. In this moment I was completely almost passed out so much so to the point I couldn’t even open my eyes or roll over or anything. This cop spoke to me for about 10 minutes half passed out while having a conversation and she said she couldn’t help me to the car (she didn’t completely know what was going on and I was to drunk to explain). That she ended up turning around to the kids and saying oi guys I’ve been here watch out for this kid his just really drunk don’t mess with him. And than I woke up the next day and everyone was standing around this creek like nothing had happened and I asked where some of the others were and they said they left in the middle of the night and I’m like oh okay and they started arguying with each other like look he doesn’t know (keep in mind I didn’t know what had happened the night before all I remember was passing out not until years later). That they blew it off. I vividly remember going to school the next monday and everyone was saying how lucky I was my real actual mates and how they didn’t know and how everything would have been different. Keep in mind I still didn’t remember what happened that night. And it left me feeling really eery. It wasn’t until now that I’m 23, that some how I had remembered the whole event while sitting down and thinking one day and it all came back to me that I went and asked my mate and he said that this actually happened and everyone knew except me and they were just trying to keep it on the low.

This is a moment that could have changed my life meaning I would be dead, my familys life, the other kids life and there familys and changed a whole region over something stupid like not really being mates with me because I was friends with someone else.

Over something so stupid and insignificant I might not be here today, but somehow I survived. And it wasn’t until now that I didn’t realize what those voices were because I am now since the age of 20 years old a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and those voices were the start of my onset of schizophrenia and some how saved my life.

Protect your kids.

I left a lot out in this story, the could make it into a better one becasue I just can’t completely remember everything. But apparently it was a really messed up night and it should be a warning to all, not everything is what it seems a lot of people would do anything to f#ck someone at the end of the day because a lot of people in this world don’t care about many things and would end someones life over something so stupid and insignificant, in this moment I lived some how and I don’t even know how but this could happen and does happen to other kids around the world (if you study into it). And a lot of the times sometimes people get away with it. In my case, with the other kids being really drunk and messed up they could have easily put me in the creek and I would have drowned and it could have been passed off as accidental. These are the things you need to realize not everything out in this world is what it seems and a lot of situations you put yourself in can be really bad. I feel like this was the leading moment that lead to my onset of schizophrenia and helped define my paranoid issues that ultimately define how I am in situations when I hear people speak and act strange and get paranoid enough that I have to leave the situation.


i am glad you are still here :heart:
take care :alien:

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It’s amazing your still here…

Glad you pulled through…


thought id look the place up on the maps…
this is where it would have happened, a small area. I had a scope around on the map and there is a house right near here but I don’t know where the person came from that stopped and saved me that night.
But whoever he is, I’m one lucky man and thankful for it.
a small area with a population of around 500, i’m lucky he was awake.
I will never get myself into a situation like that again even as a schiz now.

Man, what a horrible story.
Glad it had a good ending though, I’m glad you survived it.