How here takes the precious HALDOL?

I’m on 62.5 mg of HALDOL in the ass every 3 weeks (1.25ml) and is working just fine. I feel relax and chill. No restless or anhedonia. And sleeping well at night. Is a good drug! I have been stabilized on HALDOL for 20 years!. HALDOL is a real life saver! I was scary about all those people saying that it stoles emotions and your sexuality an is a chemical lobotomy and blah blah but haven’t experience any of that. I don’t left brainwash my brain whit those horror histories. I’m glad I take haloperidol. It saved my life! My family has noticed the results! They even ask me what did I did I’m a new man now.


I take 250mg (5ml) of haldol every 25 days


I take 5mg every night it’s too much it should be less I think but I’m fine can think and get sleep and feel great

I take 15 mg orally. I’m still being followed and recorded

I think he’s being sarcastic.

Looking at his history of trolling us,

I’d say I’m like 98% sure.

Am I right, @Nada_de_nada?

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In your picture you look like a 20y.o. and its been 20y that you’re on Haldol? You were breastfed Haldol lol?

More trolling lol? You said you were on Invega not Haldol and it saved your life: