How have you personally been affected in your life by Covid-19

As question above…

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I have to interact with an elderly relative who thinks she won’t ever catch covid. So I’m worried sick I’m going to catch covid from her and her reckless ways. It’s my #1 worry.


Well having everything shut down and not being able to do anything. My psychiatric care provider opened back up in November I think. They still limit the passengers on the public buses to ten which makes getting around difficult. I think they are still not letting patients wait in the waiting room at my primary care physician’s office.

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My brother and his son (my nephew) don’t believe in keeping their distance from others.

My brother frequently goes out in public.

I’m afraid to be near them.

They are a Covid risk.


We’ve honestly done pretty well with community spreading over here. Like I don’t know anyone who knows someone personally who has had covid. I read most folks stories around here and a large percentage know of someone in their group who has had it.

So besides the lockdowns it’s not had too dramatic an affect on my life.

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UK is doing better than a lot of European countries at the moment

It’s reassuring in the near term here but in the future more variants will come

I fear next year seeing the 8th and 9th waves
And that any variants will be faster than our vaccines

Not really seen anyone with it or die of it
Partly because of not knowing anyone

Seeing my family less, others not at all… lost a beginning of a good friendship


It’s beginning to get to me a bit. I’m very much an indoors rather than outdoors person , but liked going out every now and then. Now the combination of a bad back and a Covid has created a physiological and psychological barrier to going out.

Yes it’s trivial, but I miss being able to go out and have a cooked breakfast.


The mortality score is now a couple of older relatives on my wife’s side, some older friends in AA in their seventies and eighties, and my sponsor in AA who was pushing 80. That last one really hurt.

Biggest changes for me are that I no longer do community volunteering like I used to, I’ve stopped eating out at restaurants (I won’t even order takeaway from any that offer dine-in because who knows with the variants now), and I miss being able to have friends over for dinner and photo print viewing salons.

Also? I still do weekly AA meetings, but entirely online. COVID has been a boon there as I much prefer AA meetings on Zoom. Love my comfy loveseat, purring kitty, and a good cuppa. No more stanky church basements and bad meeting coffee for me, ever. That’s a solid win.

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I lost my job. Moved from Missouri (15 years) back to California living with my Mom since April. Some family didn’t practice safety and caught covid - Almost killed me and my spouse (we’re immune compromised). Readjusting to west coast culture. People out here are annoying.

Oh and new doctors. Was having paranoia - now I have a caseworker checkin weekly. More than I need.


Yes my father in law to be died due to covid19


Personally, Since COVID hit last March, I look forward to going to work. I work as as janitor in an office building and almost all the soldier/office workers are working from home. Even before COVID hit and there were a lot of the office workers I liked going to work
because I got to work by myself.

But since last March I’ll have whole wings of the building to myself. It’s quite and peaceful and the work has always been easy anyways but now I can take my time and just kind of daydream or try to solve problems.

On my days off I’ll go to one of the numerous drive thru restaurants around here and order something and eat it in my car listening to music. I just need to get out of the house.


My uncle’s entire family got it and my cousin
who has became a doctor got lung damage.


I managed to get a hobby in swimming just before Covid-19

Got into the habit of going 4x a week.

They shut it all down :frowning:

Also miss having a coffee at the independent coffee house in town with my case manager.

Hopefully we’ll do it again soon


Nobody I know has died from it.

I still want the vaccine ASAP. I won’t feel safe until I get it.

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my mum and dad both had covid… it was weird that i didn’t get it as i’m close to them every day as i live with my mum and dad.

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