How have those users who have been using sarcosine been doing

for those of you who have been using sarcosine, how have you been doing. Has it improved your social ability. Im thinking of trying it but wonder does it help you socially?

I have been taking 3 grams a day for several months now. I haven’t noticed any difference.

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I seem to have gotten a bit better at remembering stuff I normally need to schedule through my phone such as showering. Haven’t noticed any change in social anxiety. Been using it for about a month.


You should adjust to it’s effects at home for a few days before venturing out and don’t multi task when on this substance ( never try to cook something while multi tasking ) . It seems to make me forgetful and I feel more confused and I will talk to myself out loud for a long time but only when I was experimenting with a much larger dosage then suggested. It works well in helping me to distinguish delusional thinking from normal thought processes. Just don’t take too much because I got more ill when I did. It works well with Risperdone.