How has your partner left you

I was married in America over seven years and in the same relationship 10 years, but then something happened and my former US spouse just left a voicemail message telling that she was not coming back. Well, eventually she came to the divorce court.

I had just moved out of my parent’s House. I wanted a place of my own where we could have sex. We used to ■■■■ at a local laundromat in the toilets, lol. Sometimes at her older sister’s apartment but it wasn’t always available.

One day she called me to tell me she was coming over to my new place and I just remember telling her: “It’s not very comfortable here” (had just moved in). Well, she told me she was coming anyways, and that night I waited for her indefinitely and she never dropped by. Tried calling her cell phone and got some weird static. I never saw her again. :cry:

She’s now married to some black dude. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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She left three months prior to my becoming SZ. I was doing perfectly well & on top of the world, her being with me felt extremely “optional” because she hardly put any effort into the relationship when we moved in together and bogged herself down with tons of work & social events.

Nothing lossed, only gained, when she left. Feels good.

Sorry to hear this, you guys.

You should read “Rabbit, Run” by John Updike.

This guy couldn’t sit still though he was happily married.

Yeah, you were probably in the euphoric stage before you took your hard fall. Same here.

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Sorry she just left you like that.

Once tried searching for the divorce rates of those diagnosed with sz. Seems the main comment was a lot of the men don’t even get married.

My past break ups have been some what messy but pretty much mutual. Although I’m always the one that’s had the hardest time of letting go .

Now - I’m not sure I’m even capable of a relationship and my head just about explodes when I think about it. Anther 20 years in therapy, I guess. Not sure what scares me the most though. Falling in love again or never falling in love again.

Anyway girls have girl germs. :broken_heart:



I’ve never had or desired a partner.

If need be only and only if there aren’t billions draining the well.

That ■■■■ is bone dry in the usual selfish greedy fashion of the animal.

Oh go hug a rose quartz @pansdisease

“Let me count the ways.”

Pretty much every one of which I have experienced (one way or the other).