How has time or the world change you?

And how has your coping with an illness change your lifestyle?

Recovery is a challenge. We must face everyday. Our motivation is to three things. Just barely hanging on, to just making it, and three to be finally doing well.

There is nothing I cannot do now. Than if it were a previous self. But reminisce who this old one would have been if I had not caught the disease.

Maturity I think is the ramble. This condition has been so hard. I am not greatful enough for my good times. But when your there just barely clinging onto reality, where I really put the perspective. I will realize stability is there and you got to treat it with respect. Insanity is most definite a rough time, a time when you thought you had seen it all. A time when you were stable and then made the mistake just the slightest tinker of medication may throw off your good streak. I am speaking in a special sense. One that has been there. And back. Realizing what and how time has actually improved recovery. But it wont cling onto you,

You have to keep it. Consistent progress in a world that has your concious going with you at a clear rate because another part of you took the meds in order to be well in an orderly state, well this has been my psycho analysis now, off to listening some meditation that stuff is great yall been great thanks!!

SZ has opened my eyes to a lot of stuff, but I have to say ignorance was bliss. Really hoping I can put this psychotic self consciousness behind and keep what I’ve learned. Most important thing I’ve learned is over come fear and obsession. Be at peace with the universe and yourself. Be forgiving and appreciative.

Still a work in progress but today I’m trying to relax and break the cycle I’ve been stuck in. Symptoms are present but I’m not letting them get to me.

It’s a real struggle though for me to even think these days, I have to be speaking or writing. I’m desperate for inner peace, but I think I’ll eventually find it.

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I responded by going away from most things in the world, which is where I belong. It’s turned me into a survivor rather than a dreamer. Your title reminds me of a line from an old song. “My face is a well-written page, Maggie, and time alone was the pen”


I think time has caused me to pretty much be set in my ways. I think I’m less patient now that I used to be.

If i were to be set in my ways, then i wouldnt be accepting to anything new which may prove beneficial. Im kinda set in my music style found what i prefer and the radio is crap mostly finding stuff for yourself is the most rewarding. I try not to rely on anyone because unless your still growing up, relying on someone else to get what u need may leave you upset.