How has psychosis affected your thinking

Apart from looks and acceptance

I can’t believe how real it makes hell :tired_face: out to be.

Like before this disease I wasn’t so convinced of hell but now I feel like omg what if its a possibility for ETERNITY!! Alone…

How can I shift this type of thinking is there a way.

It really does impact my stress levels

I don’t necessarily think that hell is wat WILL happen but I can’t seem to ignore wat if cos it’s a big wat if since we are talking about eternity here. And being all alone.

I seem to have it in my head that maybe my mental state energy is wat carries on into another world. Wen I die. And there’s no evidence against it. This world is a bit of a mystery wen it comes to afterlife.


I have the same worries about the afterlife. I used to believe in reincarnation so didn’t worry. I guess we should try not to think about it.

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Makes me think I don’t like psychosis.

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Psychosis made me act and think out of emotion.I am more impulsive in my action,spending,sex and eating.I need to increase my meds if my inpulsiveness is out of control again

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Same here like I am on an emotional rollecoaster.

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I’m an atheist but schizophrenia has got me worried about the afterlife too. It was a big feature of my psychosis when I was in hospital.

It’s the one thing that’s stuck with me And I can’t shake it.


I think that’s why I’m mainly scared of dying.

Like with life I tell myself I tried my best it’s all cool.

But the afterlife I just don’t ■■■■■■■ know


I’m scared of dying for thr same reason.

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Raised to believe if I die for not doing what I’m told, I’m going to hell. My fear has somewhat diminished and so has my psychosis. Also removing my ex from my life made me not near as stressed, no religion, no ex, I’m good to go, maybe hell was talking about the relationship with my ex I don’t know

P.s I’ve never met anyone who died and came back to tell us hell was a real place, just try and focus on enjoying life as much as u can, and I’ll try and do the same, from our point of view, when your dead you’re gone

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Thanks Dizzy yea my parents are ultra religious so wen I move out this year that may help me too.

Glad ur fear has somewhat diminished

Its heightened my paranoia of not knowing when people arent sincerely my friends.

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I just roll with it. Hell could happen but it is reserved for the worst of the worst and not schizophrenics who are trying harder than anyone else to fit into society. If there is a God He wouldn’t make us live hell and then send us there when we die just because we don’t fit it. That’s all it is @anon90843118 we just don’t fit in and need to


We are not here to go to hell. We are here to experience love and joy which comes naturally. There is no need for negative thinking. The bible don’t have a happy ending.
Hell is a term for control. God is unconditional love. In my Psychosis god talked to me but it turns out its sz. Nothing special.

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Cheers mate @anon53623539

Yes hell does not exist in my after life

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