How has no life changed into awesomeness


I will be lonely all my life… I am frustrated


Find clubs or activities to join in your neighborhood. You won’t be so lonely then


I am going to clubs but I am still lonely


Clubs meaning hobbies not pickup clubs.


I don’t go to night clubs I have hobby clubs


My life is so stupid


Do you have any friends?


No I don’t …


I’m so sorry. Are you on Medicaid?


Yes I am…on meds


Can you get a peer support specialist? Medicaid pays for that. At least you’d have someone to go places with on occasion. And it’s someone who has been where you are.


No I dont want that


Ok. No problem. I just thought it might help until you make friends.


Being on your own is good. People will only disappoint you anyway.


Do you have family around? I’m not one for friends myself I don’t have a desire to be social I’d rather be by myself but I do enjoy family time.


I like people in real life in small doses. My social anxiety is getting better though. Loneliness is bad only because the world says it’s supposed to be bad. I know human beings are social creatures but sometimes alone can be a positive thing. If that makes sense.


Is spooky even American?


I’m the same way.
No desire for friends but enjoy some family time.


Isn’t Medicaid an American insurance? I have no idea if Spooky is American. I only know what Americans get receive for healthcare. I’ve greatly benefitted from having a peer support specialist in the past. I might be getting one again. That would be great for me. It made me feel less lonely


I didn’t think he was American. But I could be wrong. Yes Medicaid is only in the us.