How has latuda helped your thought process? Tell me all about your experience

I read its pro cognitive and isn’t an anticholinergic properties

Latuda ruined my life, it made me psychotic and it was the medication that made me talk to myself. My doc thought it would be a great fit for me.


Latuda worked but you have to eat 350 calories with it. I was not growing boobs on that medicine but the akathisia is probably the worse feeling I’ve ever felt in my life other than pain of course. Just a step below pain, I had to take three other meds to not feel like my brain was being starved of oxygen

I take 80mg Latuda and I weight 280lb, good for positive symptoms. At 120+mg, I have Akathisia and tiredness. It made me sleepy. I don’t know how some ppl are taking 160mg. 80mg is the perfect dose for me.

Its the best out of the 4 antipsychotics I tried.

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That’s terrible I’m so sorry. Happy you recovered

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I feel that on all the typical ap’s. I don’t know how people could possibly like Haldol. Geodon and Seroquel get my head right. I like what they do for my brains, but they still weaken me awfully badly in a physical way.

I couldn’t sit still in a vehicle… she told me to take the 40mg then up it to 80 afterwards… I didn’t listen and boy did I suffer. It’s insane how small directions from a doctor can make a real difference in how you feel… I was in the car and my urge to pace my house was so strong that I was wiggling my legs and feeling restless

Did you take the full 80