How Has Diabetes Changed Your Life?

There are many things I can’t drink. I have a greater choice (so far) when I eat but it difficult to portion. (It has to be what size?)

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I don’t have diabetes but I heard tiredness is a possible symptom. That would be challenging

I have type 1 diabetes (T1D), not type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed at age 10.

T1D is an autoimmune disease, meaning my immune system randomly attacked the insulin producing cells of my pancreas and killed them all off. Because of that, I was immediately put on multiple daily injections of different kinds of insulin.

I now wear an insulin pump (Tandem t:slim x2) and a CGM (Dexcom G6).

I’ve had diabetes for 18 years. I now have diabetic gastroparesis, so I get full fast, I get nauseous a lot, and sometimes I throw up.

I’ve nearly died at least a 50 times (extreme highs and and extreme lows).

I get “diabetic burnout” which means I get tired of monitoring my blood sugar 100% of the day and night and give insulin, making sure everything is working as intended.

Life is hard.

That’s my experience.


My stepdad and uncle we’re both type 1

My uncle has passed, but he did weird things like smoked cigars as a type 1. You can not do that. He also was just in poor general health.

My stepdad who is still alive is 80 yo and healthy af

It’s really all about how you make your life choices that will determine how well you live

Smoking is bad for anyone, not just T1D’s though. It increases rate of complications of T1D, but it increases health problems in the general public, as well. :confused:

I’m glad your stepdad is doing well. :slight_smile:


I don’t have diabetes. It did change my life a little bit because I lost a friend who had diabetes when I was younger. She passed away from complications around the age of 19. She was really pretty and nice. Never saw her as more than a friend but I was still sad to hear of her passing. I guess I learned how serious it really is. She had Type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is much more difficult to manage than type 2 diabetes, the kind I have.
I’m sorry @Blossom.

Through healthier eating I managed to lower my A1C to 5.7 which isn’t bad.

But lately I’ve been eating unhealthy foods and eating more.

I blame the Depakote but it’s still no excuse.

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