How has been your day

Our bicycle paths have not been great because it has snowed and they are little frozen and so I have not been cycling. Maybe tomorrow is a better day. It is another lonely Friday evening and I write my journal entries soon. It is also the day for my candle light ritual. I’ll light my candle and try to remember the past. I remember my black cat when I lived in my auto in Miami 20 years ago and we drove to LA and then back to Miami. Those were different times.


Living in a car sounds so hard. I’m sorry you went through that. Do you have a fur baby now?

My day is going good so far. My black cat sat on my lap a little bit ago.

I wish you so much to live in miami again. I remember the shows like “miami vice”.

My day started good. But now after daytime I feel like tortured. Again delusions that makes be feel bad. Some voices too. I think I’m gonna try to sleep in couple of minutes.

Sitting all morning as usual. I have a very hard time in the morning doing anything in morning. Afternoons are a bit easier to summon the courage and today my goal is to take a shower before doing anything else which is hard. It’s takes hours to summon the courage / will.

Yes, living in the car was hard, I lived over two years like that and then I got tired of living in the auto and I moved to Europe. I traveled in many places when I lived in the car, LA, Atlanta, Memphis, San Francisco, Dallas, NYC, Washington DC and elsewhere. But then I got tired. I have been living here now nearly 19 years. I have many fur hats :smile: but I have no fur babies (whatever these are) :smile:

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Fur babies are pets like gerbils, cats, dogs.

No I have no pets.


Maybe it’s time for a new kitty? My dog is the best dog ever. I love him. I love how he sits in my laps and greets me at the door etc. it’s so nice having a little fur baby

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Mongolians can’t settle. Always on the move.

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