How hard was it to get disability

How hard was it to get disability with sz dx?

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Depends whether you good at filling in forms
Just tell them how much you suffer and that you wish you could work but your not able to


It wasn’t for me. I didn’t even have to get a lawyer. When I was in a mental hospital in Bolivar, TN somebody put me in for disability, and I got it. I had put in for disability before, but I didn’t follow through with it. I think the reason I got it so easily was because I had about twenty mental health hospitalizations behind me. I think they thought it would be easier to keep me out of the hospital if I was on ssdi. The way it works for most people is that they routinely get turned down for disability the first time they apply. Then they get a lawyer to represent them the second time they put in for disability. Your chances of getting it then are much better.


My doctor filed for me I think. I keep getting paperwork. I’m gonna call today. Problem is I currently work 25 hrs a week but rn I’m off for the summer. I see my Dr today I’m gonna ask if she filed it can I still get it if I work part time. Working is getting harder and I’ve struggled to make it. But it gets me out.

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It’s a lot harder out in in Australia from when I did it long ago in the beginnings of the 2000’s!

They put you on a cheaper payment as in newstart…ie a job program but put you incapacitated. It’s ridiculous and it’s a modern problem.

Meanwhile the top 1% gets richer and they pick on the poorest 1%. Welcome to modern economics…doh…nothing has changed really from the peasant days of the 17C. Only difference is they make you pay for your upkeep whilst enjoying it. Rant for this year!


Where are you int he UK is really tough I didn’t get myself.

I am from Kentucky. It’s hard here to from what I hear.

That’s half or more of the problem. I remember with my failed attempts for DLA being frustrated by hearing of late middle aged people who had only just been disabled getting it. These were all people with purely physical disabilities so unlikely there was any cognitive difficulties. They used to discuss their claims in terms of being like planning a military campaign . I struggled to organise my thoughts on the claim sheets . One supposedly severely disabled person even said he used the money towards skiing holidays! In the end after a lot of difficulty I got help with the forms and was successful. It shouldn’t be about skill at filling in forms above level of actual need.


Its super hard cuz we dont have such provision in Nepal…!!! U guys are lucky…


Thank u all for all your help

They said I work to many hours and have to be working less or none for 12 months

It’s harder to get off of then on if you’re qualified… and disability is a pain to keep up on… almost all of the social security folks get confused when they really try to discuss all of the dynamics involved.

They overpaid me by two months… and that was almost a year ago now and it’s just hitting that consolidation phase where everything gets reverified. Lol… and I was the one who had to trigger the work review.

So there is a chance that I won’t be on disability for much longer… Have to keep turning in my paystubs.

This is just general info, but coming to an understanding of disability income took a long time so I just going to put it out there.

After the 9 trial months payments are still available for 3 years, but it’s a month to month evaluation regarding qualification. Make less than the x amount and you get payment the next month… make more and that month counts as an overpayment… it’s a total mess from there.


My mom is on it but for her back. She had a hard time getting it and had to get a lawyer. She worries Every time she goes up for review.

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easy if you take meds and your psychiatrist writes your situation.


Yeah, if you’re able to work why do you need it?

You have to be unable to work to qualify. So if you’re currently working, you’re not going to qualify.

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I’m not able to work all my hours I’ve been missing a lot of work and had a lot of changes in medication but I still have bills

Unfortunately they don’t care about your bills. If you can force yourself to work, even barely, you’re not going to qualify. You have to stop working for 6 months to qualify.

You can get approved before that full 6 months, but you won’t get your first check until you’ve been not working for 6+ full months.

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After you get approved you can work part time.

Thank u that’s a lot of information I did t know. it helps. Thanks.

I am not on government disability, I’m on disability through my previous employer who offered short and long term disability as a benefit. It’s through my state employee pension fund.

I have to fill out paperwork each year and my pdoc makes a statement each year that I still have sza and I’m still homebound due to paranoia. I’ve never had a problem getting reapproved.