How hard is travelling

My country is not good i think about travelling will 5k$ make it or not? Can i become homeless there?
I dont have a degree from a university but a high school diploma

$5000 will not get you far.

Don’t just set out travelling without having someplace to stay at your destination point. You will just end up homeless and miserable. I don’t know a lot about changing your citizenship but I believe you can apply online to some countries. I would make this your first step if you plan on leaving your country. I’m pretty sure that it takes a considerable amount of time to get citizenship in other countries though.

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You can start an online business with that amount of money atleast i already have a macbook

And money. Getting American citizenship takes at least three months and is costly.

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Depends on how successful your online business is. There are scores of online businesses ever since covid. You need a good business plan, know what you are doing. Plus, if it’s self income, you will be taxed on it.

What country do you plan on traveling to? We could look up requirements for eventual citizenship.

I can not travel since I wont find a job without a degree but I am trying to look on internet marketing forums for someone to help me.

Be careful, because a lot of those sites are scammers.

After looking at several countries requirements for citizenship, it seems like getting legal residency for a certain amount of time is required to gain citizenship in many countries.

How hard is travelling, if thats your question you need planning and money.

Depending on which languages you speak, you can get customer service jobs in a lot of countries. Those jobs usually fix residence permits for you.

There’s plenty of customer support jobs in Athens, for example, for all the major european languages.
Spanish, french, german, dutch, the scandinavian ones, even some for arabic.

5k$ would get you an apartment in a lot of countries, but it’s not a good idea to go without a job lined up.

Travelling is hard.
New culture, new language, new food items, new routines…
Symptoms might worsen for a while

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I am thinking to start a joint venture with someone experienced in programming that way i dont have to pay any money for work done and i only need to spend money on the hosting and domain name and that type of stuff

I will tell him that we will divide the income in half

Not to poop on your dreams, but businesses take a long time to start up.
And programming can be tedious, so expecting someone to do it for free might be a bit much.

Sometimes people come by here and get all giddy about starting up a webpage.
Usually, though… Those webpages flop.

I have done 3 years computer science in a university but only was able to finish 30 credits or become junior and i have earned some money online also

The problem is that your talking to a computer geek who has done many websites and programmed in python a very hard software before taking antipsychotics

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