How good is your hearing?

  • very good
  • good
  • average
  • poor
  • very poor

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Recently I did a set of online cognitive tests and scored 4 out of 6 for literacy(described as" reading, spelling and hearing words" ) The hearing part consisted of saying whether pairs of made up words sounded the same or not . I did quite badly on that part due to struggling to hear the “words” clearly. On IQ tests for verbal ability I always score in the very high range.

I had always thought my hearing was reasonable but suspect it may be more lazy/poor than I thought.

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Out of all of my senses, my hearing is on the top.

I have superb hearing, can hear a pin drop from miles away - Ok so its not that good :smile:


Never heard of a test like that. Normally they just put headphones on you and lower the volume of the beep?

Edit: I voted ‘good’

About 50 percentile. I have good hearing but poor listening skills.

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That’s the issue with this question/poll, you can have very good hearing, but poor intake of information.

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I didn’t read the thing, I’m not sure if i’m as good at distinguishing sounds, but that has more to do with thinking than hearing for us, I think. Hearing ability, I can hear very soft and very high and low pitched sound, I had a hearing test before boot camp originally, and I did very well.

Point taken but it would have been difficult making such a poll. I do know I tend to do better if things like instructions are written down rather than spoken.

WHAT DID YOU SAY??? 15 char?

I think I’m in the boat with the others who have good hearing… but poor listening skills…

I can hear all the birds… and the seals out past the surf…

I have a hard time listening to people in the same room talking to me.

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sorry i wasn’t listening to what you were saying !?!
i was talking to the seals :fish: :city_sunset:
take care :alien:


Found out some kids from verbal abuse situations may not have full range of hearing if everyone just shouted all the time. Like, I can’t hear males talking low. Dad only yelled or threw stuff around, never needed to whisper to anyone.

I have selective hearing :slight_smile:


I have great hearing now but the way I listen to music I’ll probably be deaf in 20 years. Well when it happens…ears well spent! And for listening ability depends on what I’ listening to its selective. Music I’m great at listening to. A lecture in class its like their speaking klingon pig latin.

I have a gnarly case of tinnitus. Sometimes, my hearing will “drop” like I’m going under water, and then the loudest ringing you’ve ever heard hits you, and it’s painful. I am in the low 30s percentile or so. My hearing may suck ass, but my vision is 20/10 (I can see at 20 feet what other people can only see at 10 feet).

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Since I got sz, I had aggressive tinnitus. I ring that moves up the tone spectrum and occasionally hurts my ears. I know I’m not imagining it cause the antipsychotics don’t do jack anything.

I’ll say I’m a good listener when it comes to having a conversation, but bad hearing. Sz really messed my sense of depth when it comes to it.