How good are you at dealing with real world problems?

Pretty good most of the time. I run around putting out fires constantly. Occasionally it gets too much and I freak out.


Why do you need that much to move. Can’t you get a mortgage for the majority of it?

Wow, I just converted that to CAD (Canadian Dollars) and it is about $100,000. I don’t know anything about the UK real estate market but that doesn’t sound too bad to own your own place. Although I couldn’t come up with that kind of money myself.

Here where I live I know a person that just sold her apartment here in town and got over $500,000 (£295,000) and it was a tiny little place, and nothing fancy. Real estate prices around here have inflated quite a bit over the last decade.

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Not sure probably about $75-80k

Because I don’t get paid enough atm and I already have borrowed out on my max years of 33 on my current apartment.

Basically unless I get a significant pay rise and can save loads of money I can’t leave where I am currently

We have real problems here with a lack of supply of houses


I’m good but I tend to take onboard way too much till it starts to negatively affect me. Stress is my big issue so I’m trying to incorporate more relaxing things into my days. It’s not that I work but I am busy with my volunteering a few days a week. Got to have a good balance in real life I’m finding!