How frequently do you dream?

  • Every day
  • Several times a week
  • Several times a month
  • Never
  • Other (explain below)

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Also, how vivid are your dreams?

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I have very vivid dreams everynight, always have. My dream last night was really cool and would make a great sci-fi movie!

I had a dream last night that my mother was still alive, but we new that she would die in advance and I was trying to hide her from death by time travel. You know that seen in Eternal Sunshine where Joel is trying to hide Clementine in different areas of his mind, so the memory erasers can’t find her? It was like that.
I took her to the set of 1960’s Star Trek and Leonard Nimoy was there, but death would find her, so I took her to a speech given by Hitler in 1940’s Germany, but death would find her again. I would grab her and we could time travel by teleportation. We were just jumping around to different times, so I could hide her, not her memory, like Eternal Sunshine, but HER…then I woke up, almost crying that there was no place or time that I could hide her. Wasn’t that a really neat dream??

What I didn’t think about in the dream is parallel universes/different dimensions. I should have hid her there, or maybe in a parallel universe she wouldn’t have died at all.


several times a week and i ■■■■■■■ hate it to be honest. because the dreams i have are weird stories that have no connection to my dream of dreams.

I imagine I dream every night, but whether I remember or not happens in spurts. I had a period where every night, I dreamed of dying in fire - lava, a plane crash, a burning house. I have patches where I dream vividly about my mom - in one, when I found her painting my portrait with a giant green moustache, she said to me, “I am doing it out of spite.” In another, I gave birth to a monster baby that ate everything, crib, other babies, walls. I had to hold the baby at arm’s length because it was trying to devour me, but my mom kept cooing about how lovely it was and forcing it back to my body.

I didn’t remember dreams for several years until recently. Now that I’m on Lexapro, I dream constantly and remember all of them. They’re stupid; the one from this morning was me trying to buy 26 copies of the same cd for a friend. Stuff like that.

I dream every night. I’ve posted some of the things I dream about often on this site. Sometimes I’ll have a moment during the day where it will be like I had a memory of this moment before. Then I’ll realize that memory came from a dream. I had dreamed about a situation like this before. One thing that has happened to me before is that I dreamed I woke up from a dream. I hadn’t really woken up though. I just went into another dream. I’ve asked people on this site if they had experienced anything similar, and a couple of them said they had.

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I used to dream every night. Then I started taking large doses of wellbutrin and effexor, I think those were the medications, and for a couple of months, I dreamed every night of being eaten alive by dinosaurs multiple times a night. Now I just take abilify and I have trouble remembering my dreams anymore. I remember the last two times I dreamed it was about my cousin playing video games. One video game was about the pink round sphere named Kirby from nintendo, while the next night it was just a generic video game. It was a calm dream, but everything was covered in deep darkness except for the video game itself.

I dream every night, but I tend to forget them when I wake up - some are strange - I remember bits and pieces of them really.

I’ve had that before. Waking up into another dream. It’s kinda nice, actually. I don’t like leaving the dream matrix when I have a good one.

Very vivid, every night.

I have vivid dreams every night…@crimby I also will be reminded of something during the day that was actually in a dream. I have seen the death of a friend at the exact time he was dying and woke up and called over to his house frantic…he wasn’t home but the next day in the paper it said he died. never forgot that. I can talk about the dream I had about Adam but it’s a long dream.

I’ve prophesied an animal’s death before. The thing was trying to kill me in the dream, though. It was my grandmother’s poodle. She put it down the week I had the dream, but I wasn’t informed until after I had the dream. Was quite interesting.

dreams and meditations…are more real than this world :earth_americas:
take care :alien:

Incredibly vivid nightmares. Last night I tried to wake myself up and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t dreaming and that it was real. Not fun, torment. Woke up feeling ■■■■■■ up at 1030

I have poor dream recall so it seems like I’m dreaming only a couple of times a month . However suggests we dream every night.
Some have better dream recall than others.

I dream every night. My sleep used to be devoid of dreams when I was smoking weed but now it’s back to normal. Usually something will end up becoming dangerous in my dreams, bordering on nightmares, but I usually remain in control and I’m way more afraid of the trivial things in real life than enemies in my dreams.

Recently I’ve had many dreams of being famous, being connected to Hollywood and becoming a superstar, they usually leave me with an empty feeling inside my dream and when I wake up. Just seems too far-fetched to be true! :cold_sweat:

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