How far I’ve come with the neighbors

Two months ago I was almost obsessing about what they were “doing to me”. I was always angry at them, And tbh, the situation made me miserable in my own apartment.

Then the counselor facilitated a meeting between me and the woman next door. We talked and cleared the air and cleared up some misunderstandings.

Things have been way better ever since.

Today I locked myself out of my house when I was leaving for work. Not only did I leave my keys inside but also my phone. And my car keys.

I took a chance and went upstairs to the guys apartment above me. 5 months ago I went up with bad feelings and he cussed me out and threatened to kick my ass.

Today he greeted me by name and I told him I locked myself out of my apartment and asked if I could borrow his phone to call the property manager to bring the key for me. He didn’t hesitate and said “sure”. I called and she said she would be over in an hour and a half. When I gave the guy back his phone he asked if I wanted to come in and hang out until the lady came! I told him yes, I wanted to but I was not feeling social. He said OK and I went and sat outside my door for 90 minutes. But the point is that now we’re friendly.

And while I was sitting on the porch the woman came out and offered to let me use her phone or her bathroom and was going to give me a half gallon of milk. She was totally friendly.

They see my good side now. They tell the counselor I’m friendly and nice. Things aren’t perfect but everybody has been a lot happier lately and we all co-exist in peace. Who says things and people can’t change for the better? I’m living proof.


Wow, that’s a big and pleasant turnaround !

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Good to hear. I know how much that stressed you out

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That’s great news! What a good idea to have a counselor do a mediation. I’m glad you can relax a little now.

I like your response. I think people can relate to that without taking it personally.

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Nice to hear. Communication is always key.

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That is so amazing! I’m really impressed with all of you for being able to talk it out

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Congrats 77nick77 , I’m glad that you have cleared the air with your neighbors.


That’s great news! I’m happy for you

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congratulations! that is really well done =D

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