How far do you let yourself go before you get help?

So ever since my doctor switched me to geodon, old symptoms have returned. I’m constantly experience paranoia, mainly I think my family is going to kill me in my sleep. My regular hallucinations are louder, and I occasionally see more stuff. I’m more depressed and sleeping longer so I’ve been taking Percocet. I dunno. When do you let yourself go before you contact your doctor, or do you let other people tell you when you’ve fallen off the wild bronco?

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I live in a group home. The staff notice when I’m becoming unwell more so than when I think I’m unwell. They normally ring the crisis team or police.

I think when you start asking yourself these kinds of questions,

That’s a good time to get help.

I’d take action now.


I don’t live in a group home. I guess it’s good you have caretakers around all the time.


It sucks sometimes

Well yah, constant caretakers would feel oppressive at times.

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I suppose so? I’m also trying to handle it on my own. Like how much I can tolerate it, in case it gets better on its own because of my stress at the time.

I let it go quite far myself, I try to solve things on my own. When it comes to meds, im aware of sideffects and realise if meds is bad//good.

Yes, I try to to handle it without a medication change. But I don’t want to become unreachable when I’ve waited too long. It’s hard finding that balance.

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Are you taking it with the required amount of calories?

But if your quality of life is suffering, then that’s a good enough reason to talk to your psychiatrist.

Yes, I’m taking it with food but maybe not enough. Sometimes I’m missing my morning dose, too because mornings are very hectic here. I’m not good with having to take multiple doses, I guess. I don’t know if my quality of life is suffering, but things are getting harder to cope with, and in the summertime my schedule is so busy. So there are multiple factors as to why I’m more stressed at certain times of the day and night. I guess I don’t know if I should deal with things better or go through a med change. My coping strategies are not working well atm.

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You have to take each dose with 500 calories.

Between the calories and that, that could be a big part of the problem.

If geodon is too difficult to take, you could tell your psychiatrist and ask for a switch of meds.

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Yah, I just am reluctant to go through a major med change as school for the kids is starting soon and I’ve got to be on a strict routine, teaching everyone. My life will get more stressful, not easier in a few weeks.


Set an alarm on your phone for the morning dose, and maybe pre-make a 500 calorie meal when it’s quiet?

I’ve got my alarm set each morning. But then I’ll forget to actually take it, and I’m not eating the full 500 in the morning. I’m just not a breakfast eater, so I’m not hungry in the morning and I have to get everyone ready for swimming lessons. So I’m rushing around and gone all morning. I had this same problem with latuda. I was never eating enough for it to get in my system properly. Ugh.


You are really helping me process this. I should probably call the doctor and ask for a med change. I don’t think geodon is working for me.

I’m a lot more loose in what I will allow in myself. For someone else, I’d recommend getting help as soon as the symptoms begin showing up. This is because insight can be lost fairly easy and there’s no predicting when or how easy it will be lost per person.

If you’re doubting yourself and having scary thoughts about family- reach out now.

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Yah, I think the paranoia is bothering me the most. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I think my family is going to kill me in my sleepIt’s very anxiety driven, almost like a panic attack. But maybe the Percocet is causing this feeling since I take it on a regular basis now. It’s kind of a new recent thing.

It’s worth discussing with your doctor.

I’m concerned about the Percoset

Please get help @sweetpotatofries

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