How far do we dare to go if we dare to go

we have traveled the planet or far away we have traveled out to space in search of today.but how far do we dare to go in are find all the reasons we left behindto close the gap on the new coming way just think of our world in the way we did.


or is it think of our world in the way “they” did?


They say the next century will be “the century of the brain”. They are going to get all the trillions of neural connections mapped out. I was thinking maybe they could come up with customized psychotropic drugs for each individual. Then I started to think of all the ramifications of that. What if you wanted to be, say, a great poet, and they knew which neurotransmitters and neural connections to stimulate to get you that? What if you wanted your IQ increased? What if you wanted to be turned into a smooth and suave Cassanova? I don’t know, I’m just musing. I imagine we will encounter ethical quandaries when we get the brain mapped out. What if we could turn hardened criminals into philanthropists?