How facing odds creates judgement loss

I saw a man in a resturaunt the other day talking to 2 empty chairs and instead of (unlike my older high school self) being judgemental and an ass i was curious. I wanted to know what was going on instead of avoiding it. Funny how when u face great odds in ur own life u become less judgmental. I like being less judgmental. Now i didnt do anything granted i wanted to enjoy my burger in peace but i had empathy. Even if its not a situation where i see a fellow sz i feel more inclined to be cool about it and be more curious then concerned. I like not having to feel i have to impress myself by being a prick about things.


I can relate to this. Near my school there is this homeless guy that talks to himself a lot. I empathize a lot, I have a lot of fears of becoming a crazy homeless person.
Well, my classmates are afraid of him, when he goes through the trash they always make this judgemental facial expression… I always feel for the guy. There is actually no way I can help him. Maybe bring him a blanket in the winter.

Id just do a blanket and water. And im scared of that too. Even if im 20 in college theres always that possibility of not having a home in the future. I just keep trying to work.