How exercise effects your psyche?

I like to lift weights and ride a stationary bike and walk to exercise and it’s amazing how much better I feel afterwards! What’s your favorite type of exercise and how does it effect you?

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I’ve heard that exercise is supposed to be very good for schizophrenia and I hope to buy a stationary bike someday.

I’m losing weight at the moment through diet alone, but once I’ve lost another 10kg which will probably take a year, I’ll definitely try to exercise.

@JeffSimpson11, how minutes per day you make on the bike pls? me too I have a stationary bike, I started to do it 10 days ago :wink: .

I’m on the bike about 20 minutes a day. I’d suggest starting out at about five minutes ans increase the time on the bike a minute each week.

Sounds good hopeful! Just walking around the block can be very helpful!

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Excellent Prince! I think they call it endorphins that are released in our brains that causes that good feeling when we exercise!

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@JeffSimpson11, I am doing reguraly 10 minutes per day. ok ill increase it. what is it good for the stationary bike? is it good for reducing the belly?

I like yoga and water aerobics.:grin:

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exercise definitely helps I walk 30 mins daily in the morning or evening…jogging or running may have even more benefits.

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I walk 3 hours every morning

It’s extra hard for me to exercise because I have a muscular disorder that affects various parts of my body and a stomach disorder. My favorite exercise would be walking or swimming. What’s nice is that I’ve practiced meditation a lot and can do walking meditation. Gives me a better calm during the walk.

I exercise quite a lot, I ride my bicycle, I do sit-ups,I lift light weights, I go to one exercise group, I like exercising and it makes me feel good, I think it is quite helpful, I like to ride my bicycle outdoors because I get fresh air and see the town, even when it snows, when it is too cold, let’s say -15 C I do not ride my bicycle.

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I used to do this until I hit a patch of ice one day, wiped out, and gave myself a concussion. I have a long scar underneath my chin to commemorate the occasion.

I like to walk. I walk 2km to work and sometimes do the same distance on my treadmill.

Walking really clears my head.

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Haha gutted 151515

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I love dancing, aerobics and group exercise like pump and step up but I felt to paranoid to go lately.
At gym felt they lied n cheated.
At dance felt they used weapons on me n all attacked me while I was so fragile but still kinda tough for givin it a go n self defence…

I would mind yoga room yoga.

But I can’t do what I want to do because I either feel attacked or lied about etc n not welcome etc

I go horse riding one or twice week which I love and I go on treadmill .

I used to do wiifit infront of tv but batteries kept needing charging so wuickly.

Even exercise DVDs I can feel paranoid about.

Even going for walks outside is like “forbidden” almost n a huuuuuge deal.

Otherwise walk or jog outside would be awesome too.

I love water n the feel of it.
Go for dips sometimes.