How emotionally strongly you stand behind your opinions?

  • 9-10 Very Strongly
  • 7-8 Strongly
  • 5-6 Averagely
  • 3-4 Weakly
  • 1-2 Don’t hit me, - I’m jus a kid!!!

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So yeah "How emotionally strongly you stand behind your opinions?"
Please vote in a poll and feel free to discuss this here, as I think this is what is one of the biggest things related to the Sz. I think I’m usually averagely strong emotionally myself. I should take a bigger role and always stand behind my stuff and would admit only when I really think it’s true.

I have a few strong opinions that I don’t think I’ll ever change but in most cases I’m willing to at least listen to the other side.


I have some strong opinions about some things which I don’t like voicing very much. Those opinions are pretty fragile to me and they will get shattered if I voice them out as strongly as I feel bout them. Depending on whose listening too. That’s a big factor.
Other things I have very little opinion on. Like general knowledge and politics

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My opinions are my opinions. Doesnt matter what anyone thinks but me.

P.S: I have a feeling this thread is gonna go off a serious tangent and get locked.

didnt even mention it and i’m flagged lol

I normally form my own opinion of matters, at least I try to.

Some things my mind can’t be changed on, but I’m always open to a open, honest, and respectful debate


I’m always willing to admit when I’m wrong. Plus, I like that we can all have our own thoughts and opinions, so even if I still hold my opinion when opposed, I still respect the other persons right to their own opinion


I am a bit of a pushover.

I hate that I am but I’m trying to stand up for myself and my opinions and will.

I stood up to my mum abit.

My x boyfriend said he would break up with me if I became vegan and I really wanted to be vegan so we broke up.

I’d es the most loving peaceful home but I am vegan now.

I cook meat for others and my o is not vegan.

I have different politics than my x boyfriend.

I have difficulties standing up for myself and my whole life and opinions etc

I’m trying to improve myself.

I’m not so educated so I can’t debate.

I feltmy x should have accepted me as vegan since I accepted things about him like his hunting and smoking…

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[quote=“Zilija1, post:9, topic:180700”]
feltmy x should have accepted me as vegan since I accepted things about him like his hunting and smoking…
[/quote]i completely agree. If you accepted his differences, he should accept yours too. My husband and I like different things but we both support each other’s differences.

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I don’t know what g stands for.
What is g?

I think the thing I’d like to change in me is not being waiting for the conflict and if a conflict comes, i’d deal it in a fiendly/smart manner to as far as possible.

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they’d chop my head off if i mentioned it lol

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Just say it.

It’s not a case of Voldemort.


it is mate, the word is jinxed man

they got a hex on me lol

@Resilient1, I think someone was being overly sensitive flagging that post. It wasn’t actually a religious post that would be triggering. I think it shouldn’t have been flagged.

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thanks pianogal thats very nice of you, it annoying bc it happens a lot, i dont want to trigger anyone, i am trying to help out, i’m not a bad person

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It wasn’t triggering. Try to let it roll off and just move on.

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I feel strongly about what i say here bc it is a support forum and i try to support as much as i can,

I also keep an open mind and i know when to accept that i am wrong so i am open to change my opinion if i find that what i have said is misinformed, basically if you can prove i am wrong then i will accept it.

there re some hard topics on here though, it can be hard to reply and then i hope i say the right thing, i have a lot of insight so try to use it to the best i can.

I have opinions, but depression and lack of focus too.

I believe myself to be open minded and possibly wrong. I admit that i am not informed enough about my beliefs. Alot of people never tried to convince me of their opposing viewpoints. I think that making ad hominem attacks on others while arguing is very cheap and low brow behaviour: a sign of lack of ability to win by argument alone.