How email accounts do you have?

I used to be addicted to signing up for email accounts most of which I didn’t use. I think I had about 30 or maybe more (talk about excessive).

Now I have 3.

  1. Fastmail. Paid account . This is my primary email account. Used for 99%+ of email I send and receive.
  2. Gmail . Hardly ever used. A spam repository.
  3. Yahoo. Hardly ever check. Not sent email from account in years.
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3 gmail, 1 Hotmail

I only have one account for email…my girlfriend has like 20 accounts so she can have multiple accounts on facebook so she can play bingo…if she didn’t do that she would have to pay for her bingo.

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So she has multiple profiles on facebook? Why would she have to pay for her bingo if she didn’t have 20 or so accounts?

she works on all her accounts and shares extras on each account to the ones that she needs the extras…long story…facebook offers you to buy the extras when she doesn’t have to do that now.

5 all linked together through google in one inbox…

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I put one, I lied

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Four - one spam/online shopping/message boards, one personal that uses my real name, one for school, and one just for this forum (I was very paranoid about signing up).

All of them but the school address go to the same inbox.


I have loads most abandoned.

I have 3 gmail accounts, one is for this forum :blush:

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I have 1, just 1, I never thought about more

I have 3 that I use

1 for spam and signing up for most websites

1 for gaming (which I don’t do anymore but I plant to get back into it)

1 for professional stuff

Well over 40 accounts for the various sites I run. They all feed into a central Gmail account that is sorted by tags so each one goes into a slot that matches the email address.

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I have 4, one is a fake name, I use it to post stuff I’m selling, got tired of all those scammers knowing who I was


I have two email accounts. I have no need for more.

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Only one, when I created others I have always forgot their id/pws…

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6 gmail accounts
i separate personal from spam from finance from poker from other poker from blogs

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1 Gmail and 1 Microsoft account.

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I remember Yahoo offered email addresses end with Ymail.

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I have 2. I just killed my school account by dropping all my courses. :frowning:

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