How effective is the mood stabilizer in invega?

I just stopped taking depakote and started 20mg of prozac cause I couldn’t get any good mood. I’ll drop down to 10mg of prozac with first sign of hypomania.

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Starting Prozac is rough for a week or two anyway but you just have to stick at.
It may help and it may not help after that but its worth a shot

I had very low mood when I switched from qutiapine to invega. I had to start an anti depressant. I’m much better now. But whereas qutiapine has good mood stabilising properties…invega doesn’t. At least not in my experience and that’s what my nurse thinks too.


I’m already feeling more energetic, but the mood is fluctuating after 5 days of prozac. I hope this works cause I feel like doing something productive.

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Keep us updated. I’m wondering the same thing about Invega. :slight_smile:

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Why would you stop depakote? I’ve taken both before, they do different things. Plus if your BP the depakote will help you level your mood where as Prozac is an antidepressant. Did your dr direct this change?

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He said I may not need it so I decided to try without it, but I have it ready in case i need to start again.
I just don’t want double mood stabilizer in case I don’t need it with invega 234mg. I’m tired of being blocked of happy feelings for 4 months

Personally I would be destabilized in your situation

I’m able to work now with prozac 10mg after 6 days on it and not feeling tired on bed. If I start feeling radical changes I’ll add depakote back right away.

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How can you remove depakote without tapering down?

Doctor didn’t think I need tapering with it. I just had little tension headache for few days.