How effective did cbt work for for you?

Or psychoanalysis? For psychosis.

How expensive were they for you?

True heavy episode, when I lose insight, and I’m lost. Doesn’t help, I forget all my tools.

That being said, CBT has changed my life. It has helped me reframe my initial thoughts when I do start to get symptoms, reducing how bad it feels, reducing stress, and thus alleviation of minor symptomatic distress.

I use it daily.

Peace of mind was worth the cost. Mine are $40 a visit, and I’ve been going to therapy once a month for a few years. For me it was worth it, it’s given me skills to make my life better.


CBT helped me a lot. I was able to identify triggers, understand my behavior behind them better, and come up with coping skills to help with these triggers.

It’s all about how thoughts affect feelings which then affect behaviors, so you’re able to break down each phase and then use healthier options to cope.

I did CBT through a partial hospitalization program, and everything was covered by insurance, thankfully.


Thank you both for describing to me the effects of cbt. I think people underestimate the power of non medical interventions that can help alot.

I thought cbt therapy costs about 150 dollars an hour. There arent alot of psychotherapists that cover psychosis for some reason.

It was helpful learning that cbt can be more affordable. Thanks!

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