How early did symptoms start for you

My symptoms started when I was 7.

  1. Got diagnosed at 17, remission at 23.

I was five as far back as I can remember x but wasn’t diagnosed till I was forty eight x.

I’ve had symptoms as long as I can remember. Even before I can remember as a toddler my mom tells me I was very fearful and always reported there being ghosts in my room or other weird things. My earliest memories are literally of hallucinating at age 3.

I wasn’t diagnosed with a psychotic disorder until 19, but my parents also didn’t let me seek professional help when I lived at home and I was scared to share the full extent of my experiences in therapy until then as well. I had my first major episode at age 16.

I don’t think I’ve ever been what could be classified as ‘normal’ . When that developed into full blown mental illness is hard to say . Much depends on how one distinguishes ‘just odd’ from ‘mentally ill’ .

I was three when I first saw things. I kept seeing a dog. Later I saw a man with a skull for a head. I was terrified.

As a young kid, I always talked to myself. But in hush, so no one could hear me. I was always skeptical of others. My parents sometimes left me home alone when I was around 9 because we couldn’t afford a babysitter.

Symptoms didn’t start till I stopped weed and alcohol when I was 21. I tried cocaine a couple of times but never abused it.

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My symptoms started around 13 years old but my breakdown was at 18.

İ became sick at 23 remission and diagnosed at i m 37 years old.

Think I was prodromal at university when experimenting with drugs but it was only once I was out in the real world that I was diagnosed at 25.

diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder when i was about 16/17? (im almost 23 now) but i’ve been dealing with mental illness depression (self harm) and anxiety, when i was 13. I also have BPD which started being noticeable by the time i was 17

I didnt get symptoms until I was 32 and a half.

I was 27 when it started, so not that young. It very slowly got worse and worse over 2.5 years. I was a right mess when my parents took me to see a doctor and I was diagnosed.

2.5 years of magic and terror.

Bit of a tough question - I visually saw things as a child that were a lot like the hallucinations that started when I was 27. But the worst symptoms in my late 20’s for sure.

I was diagnosed at 17 but It started in the 4th grade I must have been 9 or so. Everyday walking home I would think a man with a mask was behind me with a knife and I kept looking back scared. That is as far back as I can remember.

I had trauma from childhood on, then existential depression at 15 and bouts of loneliness and sadness from then on because of not fitting in, then real trouble at 30. Psychosis, terror, nightmares, flashbacks, paranoia, dissociation. They still dont know

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