How early did symptoms start for you

I was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia at 24 but looking back I’m almost positive I’ve been this way since age 8. I have both visual and auditory hallucinations and delusions of all kinds.


Started at around the age of 18/19


Pretty sure I was born with it but drug abuse made it worse.

16 years old

5 years old 15555

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16 years old 1515

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First heard voices at 12, everything snowballed from there

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Wow so many early starters. Mine was 26 or 27

started hallucinating having full blown psychosis at 15

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I can remember when I was 13 I thought people used to film me in the bathroom, but nothing really affected me until my first psychotic break when I was 18. Things went downhill pretty quickly after leaving school.

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Almost always. I’ve had unusual thoughts since small.

30 years old was when it first started.

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30 years old when the hallucinations and delusions started. I’m 35 now. I had some weird beliefs forming and some very minor odd behavior in the years from like 27-30 years of age which were probably podromal. The disease was fierce for two years and then started to fade very gradually. I’m a lot better now than I was then, I was barely coherent at my worst.

I can’t remember a time growing up where I was normal IMO. I felt isolated and insane early on, distanced from all people and started getting hallucinations and voices maybe when I was 7. This trend of I guess schizoid and schizotypal behavior continues today…

I swear it started at around age 6. But, I wasn’t officially diagnosed until the age of 34.

19 year old because of hasjish abuse

I started using cocaine when I was 15 because of the symptoms. There was no peer pressure or anything of the sort, in fact, I sought it out because I didn’t understand what was happening around me and felt the need to escape. My friends were smoking pot (I’m allergic) and I’m snorting coke. Eventually I started cooking it and smoking it instead, just to get the same ‘escape’ feeling. When I was high, I was afraid of “normal” things, like cops. When I wasn’t, I was seeing things and hearing things no one else could, terrified beyond belief. I learned to function using cocaine as a ‘medication’ to manage the craziness in my own mind. I really screwed myself up because I was too embarrassed and self conscious to tell someone I was hallucinating. I was too afraid to admit I was turning into “Her”, my grandmother no one could stand, so I did drugs instead. Worst mistake of my life. My family was so incredibly understanding when they found out I was hallucinating and I was finally diagnosed at 21. Now that I’m clean and can look back even further than 15, I find that there were some now obvious signs of issues well before 15 ever hit.

I was first diagnosed when I was 16.

Preteen after my grandpa died is when looking back I see that I was but didn’t get diagnosed until late 30s.

Diagnosed at 30 first psychotic break at 20