How Each Personality Type Says I Love You

Mine is:
ENFP: Plans out adventures to take you on. Listens to your pain, then makes you laugh about it. Asks for your input. Strives to understand you. Reserves judgement. Challenges your thinking. Writes you love letters. Writes you love novels. Writes you love symphonies. Shares their intimate thoughts, and hears yours. Never stops trying to light your world up.


I used this test. I’ve had other outcomes on other tests.

what if I’m asexual?

You missed it! It might’ve been flagged.

Makes me a mediator INFP -I

INFP: Leaves love notes tucked away where you will find them. Listens patiently and carefully while you talk. Compliments you thoughtfully and meaningfully. Writes you into all of their art. Answers the phone late at night. Makes you laugh through your sadness. Shoulders your pain like it’s their own.

Was a good read!


ISFP: Opens up to you. Shows you their playful side. Makes art about you. Tells others about you. Remembers little details about the time you’ve spent together. Initiates affection. Asks you how you’re feeling. Lets you take the lead, despite their independence. Makes you feel like the only person in the world.

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sirBoring it is not a problem.
There are a lot of people who don’t wish to have sex.
Also I think that you don’t need to have one partner.
You can form a trio or a quartet.
Good luck.

Asexual people can still feel love, but there are people who identify as aromantic. I believe they don’t feel romantic love.

ISFJ: Texts you when you’re having a bad day. Brings you soup when you’re sick. Remembers little details about you and uses them to make your life easier. Goes out of the way to do you favors. Gets to know your family and friends. Works around your busy schedule. Never leaves you hanging. Shows up come hell or high water.

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INFP here too *Waves

waves back hai! :slight_smile:

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ISFP dreary personality. I think.