How dopamine leads to hallucinations

In order to know the higher truth of the condition be called sz,you must skip or completely ignore the course of all side bad effects (the characteristics of things you called it the symptoms of schizophrenia -except for the things called hallucinations !)

Because,the hallucinations is form both of the cause structure and functional cause of the condition you call it schizophrenia ,it is the substance and root origin of the whole condition that you call it SZ

Therefore,it is supposed that,you do not take the course of sz’s symptoms as an argument or/ identical aspects with the symptoms of any genetic disease or mental illness,and then incorrectly adhere to the assumption that these symptoms of sz are the product of a disease or illness ,because when you go to search for a genetic cause for the whole condition or its symptoms you will find nothing !

Just look very carefully at the thing called hallucination,know what is it ,then match that with the existential features of this thing as the person feels,perceives,coexists with and deal with it moment by moment all period time of wakefulness
After that ,you are free to ask;
Is there a human gene /genome that has creation properties that make it capable of creating the thing called hallucination ?

The most a gene can create is to make a copy of itself /make proteins
Could this or that create the hallucination ?
In reality,the hallucination is a living creature ,it is a free independent living parasitical psychological entity (s) …etc and it is not a mental symptom of any human disease

For many reasons,you must understand well that,I am the only one here who decide that you are writing something correct ot not about the sz or its bad side symptoms,even if it is in the size of a single word or statement !

So,do not try to show yourself that you decide what is real or not about the details of the phenomena,processes and internal events related to the sz ,because the content of your writing indicates that your knowledge about the internal processes are very limited to the extent that you do not know if they are exist or not !

the principle core of the scientific knowledge
In the case,if you do not know the Internal Logic that explain the internal content of the phenomena,processes and events that occur at the mental /chemical levels before the personal behavioral responses,how it develops with the passage of time ,the effect of medical interventions drugs,current sensory influences,the environmental factors and the individual behaviors…etc

You should not claim that the sz is a disease of any kind ,or that the cause of its symptoms is genetic or else

In the case,if you have a way to make the dopamine speak and respond to your questions,and you ask him the question;
Are you the one who doing it (sz) ? !!

He will say;i serve the mind and do not misleading him !
I will not mislead the content of the self-ideas at all if i am overly or suffer a decrease in my material ,because I honestly transfer the self-thoughts from here to there , I have nothing to do with them,nor do i create its cognitive concept,or modify them ,or mislead there original cognitive content !

Getting rid of excess dopamine is the final recovery (in the case if the hypothesis is correct mainly )

In the case,if the sz condition or its common symptoms are the result of secreting an excessive amount of the dopamine,the simple questions;
1-Why didn’t the reverse chemical processes taking place to remove the excess amount of dopamine ,and then the brain chemistry is returns to its usual balance state ? !

2-Why did the medical intervention not seek to use the drugs to remove the excess amount of dopamine,and then the person’s condition returns to its norm and the whole matter is Over ?

You should know the fact that,the results of treating the excess amount of dopamine by medication,is what establishes the correctness of the hypothesis,or puts it in the maze of doubts and forgetfulness !

The question
Does the person recover finally from his sz condition and its bad side symptoms with the medication of dopamine or/ does the results of treating come in an unexpected way that cast doubts on the credibility of such a hypothesis ?