How does your psychologist help your negative symptoms?

i paid about 800 worth of visits to a therapist. the one that gave me all the books to buy.
the best thing she did was get me an appointment with a really good psychiatrist lol.

when i first shared about my issues with psychosis and such, she started to well up with tears. then she takes a deep breath then said, wow that is very emotional.

i told her its ok im over it

im the one whos suppose to be getting therapy lol.

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a couple visits , i tried to explain how i have trouble getting anything going, and that i just end up staring at a wall for hours.

her response was to write in a schedule book. and gave me all these sheets to fill out everyday.

and to get out and see things.

I was like ummmm so Im having trouble doing the basic things in life and now you want me to fill out all these task sheets every day when I have trouble waking up before 4pm and barely make cereal to eat.

she just didnt get it. I think she was more used to dealing with people who have depression as opposed to negative symptoms.

cuz i said Im not depressed i just have no drive to do anything even though id like to.

from all that I discovered a way for me to get going on things which is setting a timer, or starting with 5 minutes of the task or even just 1 minute. but i discovered that on my own it wasn’t suggested.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for some things but not for true schizophrenia negative symptoms. I am sure its good for drug addiction, trauma/PTSD, depression, etc

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i think the only way to manage negative symptoms is through brute force habits. but even then you have to have crazy willpower to keep up the habits.

for the avolition and lack motivation

but not for the other ones. those ones just stick around

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