How does your mind usually feel on a day to day basis?

I am on 225mg of effexor and 120mg of latuda, and although my executive functions seem to be fine, I feel like a lot of the mind I once had has been “turned off”. It’s like being on medication replaces the faulty/symptomatic mental activity I would be having, with no mental activity at all from those parts of the brain. So in a way you could say that my mind has been minimized down to just basic functions. It’s weird how I can’t seem to think hard about anything at all anymore. But fortunately I’m almost always feeling okay.

How do your minds feel to you?

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When I wake up I feel like I’m being mentally tortured for a few hours. If I’m lucky that feeling goes away and if I’m not then it doesn’t. :neutral_face:

everhopeful. try getting up extra early and reading something pleasant. it might help you.

wishing you well always, judy

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My mind is a barrage of disturbing thoughts and noises from the second I wake up to the second I go to bed, then I have night mares

At least a few times a day I feel like the tv is talking about me or I go out and think people are indirectly talking about me. I think the internet articles have codes in them hidden for me, put there, to make me go crazy. I think I was conditioned for two years, by government agents, to think this way. The reason their conditioning of the mind works because even when they break you they keep up the psychological conditioning until it becomes second nature to think crazy.

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