How does tune ones mind from delusions?

I have a constant delusion about aliens. I feel aliens have placed nanobots inside of me from me inhaleing them and they been using them to talk to me with radio frequencys. Also to make the images in my mind as they talk to me, along with many other things I have to deal with going on with my body doctors can’t give me an explanation for. During my delusional state I have been trying to get proof of them around me useing things I had to buy that’s been wasting my money. I bought a good EMF meter that has shown readings that can’t be debunked as cellphone or wifi. If I show them to people they think it’s from the air Force Base. However the radar they use is not showing up like a normal radar on my EMF meter if it was them. This has only furthered my thinking of aliens. Got a geiger counter that would show 70 cpm at times or more also. We don’t get thunderstorms here but rarely. I get very high positive ions around me when I check that meter. I get high magnetic field readings that would change offten from with in one spot that would show nothing one time and very high at other times. All in all how do I kick my delusional thinking this could be coming from other worldly things?

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Okay, first thing you need to do is try to calm down breath a little bit, there is no aliens wanting to probe you. I see you have somewhat of an awareness of this delusion (I’m not undervaluing your problem) but this awareness could be a tool to try to steer away from this delusion. You know I won’t act like I know about all this equipment of CPM, because I don’t. But if you don’t mind me asking can you elaborate more on this?

CPM is counts per minute. Normal amount would be around 30 as the highest for background radiation on a geiger counter.
RF Meter is used to see the watts from radio frequencies I get spikes of 34 V/m2 or more even when I’m out in the fields away from homes and people.
These sort of readings strengthen my delusional thinking.

So how long has this been happening? So correct me if I’m wrong, from a quick glance I found out that a geiger counter is to measure radiation, and EMF is for ghost hunting right? So from all this I couldn’t find anything about aliens at all… Again correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it is your delusions messing with you.

I’ve had enough space from my delusions to the point where, until I’m actively having them, I don’t believe in them. Try to find a medication that gives you some time, to decompress.

Think critically about your delusion’s structure, what it makes you think or question is real.

Try to gain some insight into what parts are reasonable and what are, probably just irrational beliefs.

Like, for instance alien life might be out there, UFOs are reported, but not proven to be extraterrestrial.

Its fine to think that alien life is out there, but our scientists don’t seem to think that we’re being contacted, or at least the ones that do don’t have enough evidence to convince those that don’t.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Try not to be afraid because of a delusion, try not to give it that power over you.

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This has been going on for years. Sorry I meant EF meter not EMF. I don’t see anything with EMF meter. However I guess all what I have been getting with my meters could be do to what’s going on with the base.

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Thanks for you’re input. I do try to think like what would an alien have anything to do with me. Like talking to me or be inflicting pain on me to the point of almost wanting to cry. While doctors can’t see what’s causing it. My guess could only be the pain is from hallucinations.

I still couldn’t find anything, only a website claiming it is made from meteorite and it detects aliens… But other than that have you considered challenging the product? It seems like it only exist on that website. Let me ask you this if it truly did work and the Government is trying it’s best to silence the media, don’t you think this product would be pulled off the market? Or many other people would be finding aliens all over the place? I think it is the Air force base.

A good start is the acknowledgement that the mind can be tuned one way or the other.

It’s easy to start with something that’s unattached to your current framework.

Take a coin, or a paperclip or something. Hold it and think about it being alien in nature. Try to push it really far in that direction, but not so far you can’t come back from it. Then return to neutral. Then go in the other direction. Think about how that object is the least alien thing on the entire planet. Then go back to just thinking of it as a random coin or paperclip.

Did the thing itself change at all? Nope. You just changed your perception of it. And if you could do that with a coin or paperclip, maybe you can do it with your Geiger counter, or even your view of yourself and how you fit into the world.

It helps to practice the technique with a coin or paperclip for a while. Just spend a few minutes every day working on it. You can change what the variable is too. Make it how “good” or “bad” it is, how “special” or “ordinary” it is, etc. Even multiple variables at one time (“very special and very good”, “very bad but very unimportant and ordinary”).

Because the thing holding you to your delusion isn’t the Geiger counter. You’re using that to rationalize the underlying delusion, and you know it, but you are having trouble letting go of it. You’re using a maximum reading of the Geiger counter as a reference instead of its minimum. Anything less than 100 or 2.5 times whatever your local area’s reference station is (different parts of the country have different readings at any given time) - is normal.

So work on trying to change how you interpret things, and actively push your thinking in directions you want it to be instead of directions you fear it to be.

I could make an argument that obscure radiological variations seems a pretty unlikely form of communication, but until you abandon the underlying thought process, your brain is simply going to come up with a rationalization for why that could or should be the case. Attack the underlying delusion or world view if it’s not one you want to hold on to. It’s possibly to shift the thinking, but it takes practice and having meds to regulate your fluctuations of thought help a lot in keeping control.

I have experience with aliens delusions.
One day I was sure they were watching, and I had a panic attack. I took benzos

This is weird but;

I find sedatives help with my delusions.

Even more so, a combination of stimulants and sedatives help tremendously.

Involve yourself in actual things from this world and life, that was the only thing that helped me. Like interacting with people, studying, doing housework, etc. Something that requires focus.

Unfortunately when I am really ill I end up not being able to focus on anything but delusions, and when it gets to that point medication is your best bet…

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