How does the pill make you put on weight

If you exercise and don’t eat more

It slows your metabolism :frowning:


It releases chemicals called ampk which both slows the metabolism and increases appetite

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my doctor explained once how it works but I don’t understand. I just know the new one put me on weight neutral meds like Haldol and latuda. the worst ones were fanapt, abilify and risperdone.

The research shows the following receptors increase hormones on the body:

Dopamine 2 (d2)
Seratonin 2B (5ht2b)
Seratonin 2c (5ht2c)
Histamine1 (h1)
And certain muscarinic receptors

Haldol doesnt cause weight gain for most people because it only effects the d2 receptor. I have heard some people claim haldol made them gain some weight however. Latuda only effects d2 and 5ht2c and ive only experienced 3 lbs a month weight gain.

The Histamine and muscarinic receptors are the worse

Iti-007 only partially effects the d2 receptor of all these but also activates it partially so the thought is it wont cause weight gain

They’re anticholinergic which means blocking acetylcholine which is in charge of digestion as far as I can tell, as well as serotonin blockers which also is related to gastrointestinal function

Basically they block things which make you digest food, and so the metabolism slows way down.

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for me depending on the med it just stopped my metabolism I gained even if I starved myself.

I’m not suggesting u try this: when i got off meds then got back on, I immediatly noticed that I got an intense urge to buy lotsa junk food while at grocery stores… I wont say anymore to avoid suggesting non compliance