How does the brain works

does anybody know how the brain works?

The brain controls our emotions, reasoning, consciousness, it is a complicated and complex organ that is made of different cells, matter, and chemicals. Dont worry about knowing very little about the brain because scientists and doctors dont know everything about the brain. The brain is kind of like the universe, we know what is on the surface but there is so much more to know


Brains fascinate me. With all the conscious thought and all the mental illness and other malfunctioning in my brian, my heart still beats, electrical impulse still runs down the spine to make my fingers move and my brain knows exactly when it wants more oxygen.

I’ve always wondered, if a sick brain can do what it does to me… then would there ever be a type of sickness in the brain where it forgets to make your heart beat or it forgets to let you breathe? All that is part of the brian function too.

Then of course there is memory and learning process and motor skills and on and on. There are books up on books of how brian development in children ties into coordination and motor skills and balance for bike riding. Amazing.

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i’d like to know what parts of my brain i am using and how it affects me, so if something goes wrong i can say what happened and what part(s) of my brain was responsible then maybe it can help me in some way.

I think in my odd way, we are using all parts of our brain. Maybe we’re not using all parts to 100% capacity, but the parts that regulate heart, lungs, liver, muscles, eye blinking, bladder movements, balance, tapping a foot… we’re using that unconsciously.

Memory we’re using a bit on an unconscious level until we try active recall. I think memory jumps around in the head if I remember right… (see what I did there :wink:)

I get your point… It might be time to start hitting the books and seeing if there is an on-line class you might be able to take. Just a thought.

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is there a list of all the different words that can describe what we might be thinking?

like if we say do a math sum in our head then maybe we can say that we used a certain area of our brain that deals with logic and problem solving.

or if we were delusional it would be good to know where it came from like maybe the area that is in the subconcious etc like maybe our unconscious thoughts and dreams were being woven and were breaking through the subconscious into our consciousness and showing us a blend of reality vs fantasy mash up. but it would be good to know where about exactly these thoughts came from, even a good guess might help.

its like the dream dictionaries where they guess what a dream might mean to you in your life. (only thing is that a delusion is not a dream but it does have some basis in reality, guess you could call it a waking dream based on reality.

To make a long story short…sort of. I have taken physiological psychology and abnormal psychology as well as a whole bunch of other psych classes, but those two were the closest to neuroscience, in fact the teacher of physiological psych. said “I hope you enjoyed your introduction to neuroscience!” when we took the final exam.

It’s too much to learn before you can say you absolutely know it all. It takes a Ph.D. or an M.D. to really say “yes, I know how the brain works.”

There’s some great books on schizophrenia which can educate you on how our brains work. Surviving Schizophrenia and Schizophrenia Revealed are both very informative as to how our brains are wired incorrectly.

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Not sure, but apparently the non working class has non working brains.

i dont think i could get a Ph.D or M.D. as i just dropped out of my college course, i am just really curious about the brain just now and i want to just learn about it and do something about it in the hope that it will help .:frowning:

Those books are the bomb. You can gain great insight by reading up on the science behind schizophrenia. I remember the last episode I had (skipped my meds) I was talking to myself about serotonin and dopamine, which is a big improvement from my previous psychotic behavior.

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If the brain worked I would not be in this mess.

i’m trying to get to the bottom of these things, like the places where the delusions etc are coming from, how do they form and what thoughts contribute to this but i think it might be impossible to tell. i know i have failed college but that doesnt mean i have to stop learning. i will have a look at those books thanks.

Delusions and hallucinations originate in the mesocortical tract.

i dont even know what that means lol,

if we had a picture of the brain with labels on it or something that might helps

Hope this helps…

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Like mumps on the cortexLs

haha, nice pic of the brain and the labels too :slight_smile: only thing is that i dont know what these areas do or what their purpose is lol

There seems to be a lot going on in the brain. I have tried to research and understand as best I can which is limited.

I know it’s a lot of reading but this link may help to understand delusions:

This link talks about the neurotransmitters that may be affected.

The best that I have come to understand it is that certain areas of the brain like the prefrontal cortex (the front of the brain) could be sending out a lot of information or signals that other parts are unable to handle or interpret. Kind of like a system overload of information. Or say a 10 lane highway suddenly becoming one lane. Some brains may filter out this extra information or extra lanes as it doesn’t consider it to be important whereas perhaps other brains considers all information to be important but it’s still all being filtered down to one lane. There is also some research that the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (RDPC), a part of the brain that usually shuts down during sleep which allows us to not question the improbability of things, like flying in our dreams, may have some part to play.

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Perhaps that part of the brain that shuts down when we sleep to prevent us from questioning things is activated when we witness so called delusions and thats why we can’t dismiss things as not true…other than the fact that it was the truth we witnessed?

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