How does the brain function?

so i thought we could discuss how the actual brain works in this thread and i know it is a very hard topic to discuss but my explanation on another thread is the only way i can explain it,

i’ve heard of serotonin and dopamine and reuptake inhibitors but i am still not sure about it all, different chemicals and how they interact with our brains chemistry, how the medicine we take interacts with brain chemistry and things. i was hoping we could discuss it here and maybe clear the air on a few things.

I often wondered about that myself I heard it was one giant air conditioner system for the body however there could be a little alien inside the capsule controlling the whole thing little war inside your mindobviously we know that stores information but could the same information be inside the cellsthey say the data processors that we use are a thousand times smaller than what we can seeto unlock this mystery would mean great concern anyway for we do not wish to know what are limitations truly are that’s why we hide it in fantasy