How does "read-only mode" work?

Sometimes it just randomly pops up and i don’t get how it happens?

I’ve noticed it pops up every night around 11 Eastern time. It’s active for a few minutes, then disappears into the aether. My guess is it is some kind of cleanup script running.

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isn’t that when you break the little tab on a VCR tape?

He’s too young to know a VCR. You’re old. So am I.

I know vcr. I used to have toy story, some other disney movies, and star wars on vhs. My player was cool cause u could slow down the tape by a quarter speed so everything would sound all slow and funny. I was born in 95 so i know some of the pre millenial tech. I also owned a walkman as a kid. I was pretty cool back in the day lol. Also i know basically everything musically equipment wise from my parents. Everything from hi fidelity to 8 track to reel to reel. Im kind of a nerd when it comes to technological advancements

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