How does one know? Sz/sza stats?

What are some of the stats on sz/sza prognosis and recovery? What are the signs you need to stay on meds for life - or if you can come off them? And how does one find out if one is getting better or worse?

Most people seem to stay on meds for life. That’s just how it is for most people.

I think recovery is a bit of a loaded word as it implies you can get beyond SZ, where as SZ is part of your brain etc.
You can definitely learn to manage your condition especially positive symptoms, and learn how to cope with it better, but I feel like you can’t expect for it to go away completely in the same way someone with a missing limb isn’t going to make a full recovery etc.


Thanks for your input @StarCrazy I appreciate it!

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Brains can change. Just like it changed from when you were a baby to now.

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