How does one celebrate?

how do u celebrate? ,

Now that I don’t drink, usually with good food, maybe hang out with my bud, and do certain things I shouldn’t discuss on the forum.

I celebrate by surviving.
Living is winning.


Usually go out to eat. Depends what I’m celebrating.

Bottles and models

Depends upon what you’re celebrating. If it’s Thanksgiving, it’s family and food. If it’s Christmas, it’s family, food, and gifts. If it’s a birthday, it’s family and food, usually. My family is not an alcohol family.

Just a reminder that we don’t discuss alcohol use on the forum, out of respect for all the recovering alcoholics.

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Good food/drinks , simple joys, going places, fishing, hanging with friends etc

I celebrate by taking pictures.

food, family and or friends.

I celebrate with comfort food and a video, and sometimes with family, but it’s stressful being around others. Sucks.