How does my voice sound?

I have to fill in the RAADs for my assessment but am stumped on the questions re normal rhythm/normal tone/unusual voice.

How does my voice sound here?


sounds good, but a little bit shakey :slight_smile:

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Yeah sounds good to me.

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Sounds slightly sing-songy and there’s a slightly unnatural sounding cadence to it, but these things are very mild. Also I may be getting that impression because of your accent, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

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Someone on another forum said

There’s an uneven rhythm to your speech, there isn’t an even flow. There’s also a higher pitch than usual for a man, a somewhat childlike quality to the tone of your voice.

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Hmm… I wouldn’t say “childlike” per se. It is on the higher side in pitch, but I’ve met plenty of people who just have high pitched voices. I don’t know that that is uncommon.

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